this morning’s android 2.1 ota update droid rumors

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what’s better on a monday morning that some android 2.1 ota update rumors?  our “end of the week” has come and gone and motorola has left us with nothing except this timeline which uses the buzzword of the month, “soon” in glorious fashion.  many have lost hope and have also moved on from even thinking about the update, but there are still a few running wild with rumors, speculation and fuel for this fire we refuse to put out.  enjoy… member on flash coming with 2.1…

First time poster, long time reader. I do contract work for Verizon every so often. Today while working I asked the manager about 2.1. Was informed that the update will roll out the end of the month WITH FLASH! He said the inclusion of flash was the reason for the delay. By now I know not to get too excited but it makes sense and the guy seemed to know what he was talking about.

droid life reader larry with confirmation for today…

So I went to Verizon this morning in reference to a jbl speaker that busted on me anyway I asked an employee about 2.1 for Droid and he said it will come out today and Droid Eris will be shortly after the Verizon store I went to is in Vidalia,GA

and finally, a forum dweller who is living in rooted la-la land…

I’m over it and I know most of you are too. 2.1 is over rated and missing some key features that all of the custom ROM’s already have. For those of you wanting 2.1, do yourself a favor and install a custom ROM. There are a few out there but I’m running sholes, and others have had good luck with BB.

So post up why you wont’ use 2.1 even when verizon finally pushes it out to the few phones out there that are un rooted.

the few phones out there that are un-rooted?  you mean the 2,499,900 that are un-rooted?  anyway, this is likely our last rumor post as the speculation has gotten a little out of hand.  if we have official news, we’ll definitely have it for you, but at this time we’ll be moving back into our regular programming.

with that said…stay tuned!


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