our chat conversation with a motorola rep on the 2.1 update

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we are still digging as hard as we can to find out details about the supposed upcoming android 2.1 release to our motorola droid with our latest step as an attempt to swindle a motorola rep.  we had minor success.  our conversation started out slow but ended fairly well i think.  check it…

Leandro P.: Hi, my name is Leandro P.. How may I help you?
KELLEN: Hey Leandro
KELLEN: I have a DROID and was wondering if the 2.1 update would start today or tomorrow?
Leandro P.: Let me help you with this
Leandro P.: There will be an update to 2.1 coming soon. But we do not have a date yes. You can periodically check on  for updates.
KELLEN: I’ll have to check that. One other thing, when you guys announced it would be this week, has that date now changed?
Leandro P.: It did not change, because we do not have a date. I am not aware of any official information that would tell us that it would be launched this week.
KELLEN: Oh, I just saw on your official Facebook page earlier this week that said the 2.1 update for DROID would be out this week. Was that not right?
Leandro P.: I can not confirm that. All I can tell you is that it is coming soon.
KELLEN: We’re just really excited about the update!
Leandro P.: Yes, and Motorola is aware of that. You will see the updates on that site that I provided.
KELLEN: Update is there now? 🙂 OK I’ll keep checking back. Thanks for your help.
Leandro P.: You will have to periodically check to see the news.
Leandro P.: You are welcome
KELLEN: So when should I check back?
Leandro P.: It would be good to check every day
KELLEN: So that must mean it’s coming really soon? 🙂
Leandro P.: It is coming really soon.
KELLEN: You’ve been a great sport. Have a great day.
Leandro P.: You have a great day too, thanks.

as you can see, he didn’t necessarily give me an exact day, but he said you should be checking back almost daily for updates and the “coming really soon” part should at least help you crack a mini-smile.

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