motorola confirms no launcher or live wallpapers?

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with our android 2.1 poised to start rolling out to our droid devices today, the motorola site is also preparing by updating it’s q&a sections.  if you ask the site “how can i get the latest Android 2.1 software?” you will get the following answer and may also come away slightly disappointed…

From time-to-time, Motorola releases updates to enhance the overall performance of its phones. The Android 2.1 software update for DROID by Motorola provides new multimedia features, exciting new widgets, and a security upgrade.

We encourage you to immediately install this latest software update once you receive the notification on your device.  This will ensure optimal performance of your DROID by Motorola.

Who Can Use This Release

All DROID by Motorola users.

DROID by Motorola users will receive a notification to install this update (and will continue to receive these notices periodically until installation is complete).  NOTE: Turning your device off and on will automatically launch the upgrade installation.

After downloading and installing Android 2.1 software release, you will notice:

Voice Recognition for Virtual Keyboard Voice Recognition: You can now speak in plain English instead of typing, whenever a text-entry box appears on your Android device. Simply swipe your finger across the virtual keyboard and dictate your phrase.
Virtual Keyboard Enhancements: The fully integrated, enlarged virtual keyboard allows for easier and more accurate manual entries as well.  Also included are auto-complete/correct.
 3D Gallery 3D Gallery offers a whole new way to enjoy your phone’s multimedia features.  With 3D gallery, all of your photos, videos, album art and images from your Picasa Web albums account online are displayed in three-dimensional stacks that gently move as the phone is tilted.  Scrolling through and choosing media has never been easier.  With 3D gallery simply use your finger to scroll through thumbnail versions of all your photos, videos and albums – and when you find one you want – simply tap the image to select it for viewing or playback. You can share pics individually or in bulk (by long-pressing a photo) on Facebook, Email, or MMS.
 Pinch-to-Zoom Enjoy pinch-to-zoom functionality for web browsing, plus the Gallery and Maps applications
News and Weather App and Widget
The News and Weather app pulls information from the web and brings it to your fingertips. Weekly and hourly weather forecast for your area based on your location and it pulls news headlines on the topics you care about most.
Google Maps Updates Sync with desktop: synchronizes starred items between Google Maps on your Android device and
Personalized suggestions: Google Maps on your Android device suggests (autocompletes) locations based on your personal search history on
Night mode: automatically changes your screen at night for easier viewing and driving
NOTE: Sync feature requires user to be logged in to myGoogle account while on
Enhanced Music Application  New tabs at the top of your music player for easier access and navigation to your favorite artist, songs, albums and playlists.
Google Goggles App Google Goggles App allows you to snap a picture to start a Google search. It can also ”read” photos of business cards and add them to your contacts.  Even cooler is its built-in augmented reality feature that displays information about things, like stores and restaurants, around you.
Other Enhancements       Security: Prevents unauthorized pattern lock bypass

Yahoo email:  Yahoo email new accounts setup optimizations

Battery life: ongoing battery life optimization

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