motorola milestone users – manually update to 2.0.1

for all the motorola milestone users out there impatiently waiting for your android 2.0.1 ota update to arrive, wait no further!  motorola is actually offering a manual update through their international sites to all countries supporting the milestone using “my software update.”

at first i thought it was just the UK milestone, but we now have confirmation that the MSU update includes:  UK, Germany, France and Italy.  not sure which other countries have the milestone, but you will likely have access to this and should definitely take advantage.

a confirmed uk milestone:

    * Firmware config version: GAS_EMEA_USASHL500RTGB_P019
* Baseband version: 3GSMEPU91A_U_91.08.12I
* Baseband Config version: UCASHLSEMEAB1B803F.0R
* Kernel number: 2.6.29-omap-1 [email protected] #1
* Build number: SHOLS_U2_01.14.0

download “my software update” here.

to pick your country, follow this link.

(cheers @sdmorris1950)


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