google maps 4.0.0 released with google "buzz"

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these updates just keep coming and we’re loving every second of it.  the newest version of google maps (4.0.0) just flooded the airwaves and has everyone wondering how to fit this new fantastic-ness into their lives.

with 4.0.0 we see a few new features...

  • Buzz
  • Synchronized starring and personalized suggestions
  • Night mode in Navigation

obviously the big news is “buzz” and how it is taking the world by storm as we speak. check out to really get going with it.  you can integrate buzz right into your gmail and obviously now with your google maps via android device.  i’d go into some big long spiel about it, but we’ll instead try to keep this as droid specific as possible.

here is the video intro from google…

download it here…



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