waiting for nexus one ota update? manually install it now

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for those of you lacking any patience whatsoever, who want to update your nexus one today rather than waiting until you get your notification sometime before friday, you are in luck.

1.  download this file to your sd card.
2.  rename to “update.zip” without the quotes
3.  to reboot into the bootloader, turn off the phone. then power on while holding down the trackball.
4.  navigate to the option ‘recovery’.
5.  when the android w/ caution logo pops up, hold down the power+volume up
6.  select ‘apply sdcard:update.zip’

i should have added a step 7 which says “i hate you for having 2.1.”  enjoy yourself while we wait for the next 3 months with our 2.0.1.

(via android forums)


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