video: motorola milestone – differences from droid?

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it looks like the crew at mobile syrup has also received a pre-released version of the motorola milestone and launched a preview video of it.  now i have to admit that i haven’t really checked into milestone differences and similarities as compared to the droid, but after looking at this video briefly, there are some pretty obvious ones.

fast forward to the 1:35 mark…

you should notice right away that the milestone’s version of android 2.0 has some different icons and features from our droid.

  • the google search bar is missing the voice search icon 
  • it is replaced with a “voice dialer” shortcut.
  • alarm clock, gallery and music icons are different.
  • there is an “audio effects” app.
  • a camcorder shortcut.
  • moto phone portal comes pre-installed

now, the reviewer does say that this isn’t the final version of the os, but i’m still surprised to see so many differences on a device that is running android 2.0.

any other major differences you know of? how about you milestone users?


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