firefox releases mobile version to nokia maemo – android next?

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for those of us anxiously awaiting the arrival of firefox (or fennec if you’re gangster) to our motorola droid, the timetable for its release may have just been shortened.  mozilla released its first mobile version on nokia’s n900 and n810 this past friday which will leave the rest of us to believe that android is up next.  both systems are linux-based so maybe those february rumors are on the verge of actually coming true?

an interesting tidbit we caught in this cnet article shows something to be concerned with…

Mozilla’s accomplishment with a mobile version of Firefox is a mixed one, and not only because Maemo is a platform relatively few people have heard of. Nokia’s open-source, Linux-based Maemo operating system supports mobile Firefox on just two devices–the N900 and the N810, an Internet tablet. To make matters more limited, just two days ago Mozilla unveiled a third release candidate with a last-minute decision to pull wholesale support for Adobe’s Flash plug-in from the build, citing unhappiness with the overall standard of quality. As an aside, this is apparently a sore spot for Adobe, who became miffed with Apple for excluding Flash in its new iPad device about the same time that Mozilla made its comment about degraded performance when visiting Flash sites.

no flash support?  either mozilla has officially lost it or they have just given us reason to believe that adobe is actually at fault for the delays of flash 10.1’s release.

what does everyone think?  excited about firefox?  could care less since we have dolphin?


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