nexus one having major issues – yay motorola droid users!

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let’s take a moment and thank verizon and motorola for giving us a device that has really had zero major issues since its launch 3 months ago.  many were frustrated to hear that google’s nexus one would launch only a month or so after our motorola droid yet have the latest and greatest android operating system.  look who’s laughing now?

nexus one users completely lost data coverage for almost 12 straight hours starting last night about 3AM, finding this message when entering their browser…

“To connect to the internet with the device you are using, you’ll need a webConnect data plan. Please call Customer Care at 1-800-937-8997 to make sure you have the correct webConnect data plan “

not only do we have most of the applications from android 2.1, but we also have one hell of a stable phone and operating system.  after hearing about a new nexus one issue almost daily, i think i’m going to be ok with 2.0.1 for a while longer until all these gigantic issues are taken care of.

cheers motorola droid users.  cheers.

(photo engadget)


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