amazon offering motorola droid for $109.99

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suck on that news iphone.

oh, and if you just need to upgrade to a droid, it’s only $159.99.  not bad, not bad.

in related wireless upgrading news…

if you aren’t currently ordering your phones through let me just tell you right now, that you need to change your phone buying practice.  they offer the cheapest prices on the newest phones and i completely trust them.  (not that my voice means all that much) but seriously, you should check them out if you are starting new service or even upgrading your current phone.

in fact, before i got my droid, i had purchased a blackberry tour from them when it was brand new as my upgrade date was active.  at the time, the tour was selling at verizon stores for $149 i believe and i snagged it for $75.  and on top of that, amazon didn’t notify verizon that i had used my upgrade after the purchase.  yes you just read that right.  and 2 months later, the lovely little motorola droid was released, and here we are today!

purchasing new phones via internet wireless services is definitely something you should start considering.  although, be wary of wirefly.  (we’ll save that story for another day)

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