motorola goes all android in 2010

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for motorola droid users, we keep getting good news on a daily basis it seems. damian koh of cnet spoke with a vp at motorola, spiros nikolakopoulos to discuss their 2010 outlook.  you’ve gotta like the sound of these quotes if you are a motorola user…

On the number of Motorola devices we expect to see in 2010.
There will be between 20 and 30 smartphones globally and, at this moment, all of them will run Android. Naturally, not all will be available everywhere as it depends on the company’s partnership with the various telco operators in each country. For non-smartphone models, they will run either Brew or the Motorola’s own operating system.

On Android engineering teams.
A third of the engineering team is based in the US, while another third in China and the final third in Korea. The team works solely on everything Android, including the integration of the software with the device. Nikolakopoulos didn’t say how big the team is, though.

for a company as large as motorola to go all-out-android, you should be very happy to be a droid user.  the support should continue on at the highest of levels.  weee!

(via android central)


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