isuppli deems motorola droid more valuable than iphone and nexus one

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the isuppli team did another “teardown” of a top smartphone and came out with some interesting results.  this time they took on the motorola droid finding it the most valuable of all the smartphones including the nexus one and iphone.

Motorola Inc.’s Droid smart phone carries a $187.75 Bill of Materials (BOM) and manufacturing cost, according to a dissection conducted by iSuppli Corp.’s Teardown Analysis Service.

The Droid contains $179.11 worth of electronic components and costs $8.64 to manufacture, as presented in the attached table. This total comprises only component and manufacturing costs for the Droid and does not take into consideration other expenses such as software and royalties.

now, you could look at that as the more expensive option compared to the iphone and nexus one, but purchasing the phone is what makes it the most valuable.  with a price point equivalent to the iphone, and a higher bill of materials, it comes out ahead.  see how we did that?


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