best free motorola droid applications – vol. 2

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when we first started this little motorola droid blog, we popped off our original list of the best droid applications.  and since that list, we’ve learned and experienced a ton more with this phone and thought it was time to update the list or at least give you some new options.

here is our second list of the best android applications…

1.  seesmic – this might only be in version 1.1, but it quickly replaced twidroid on our phone.  it looks better, has every option you could need, and performs much smoother than any other twitter app for android.  and yep, it’s free.

2.  google voice -you’ll need to apply for an account, but once you get it you’ll be loving life.  it transcribes your voicemails, records calls if you want, and sends you notifications or emails when you have new ones.  google really is always changing the way the world works.

3.  swype – we wrote about swype, told you how to install it, and have been using it ever since.  what a great replacement to the android keyboard, right?  it takes a day to get used to, but once you figure it out, it’s amazingly fast.

4.  flan gallery – we also gave you instructions on how to install this fantastic gallery application.  you need to get this right now if you don’t already have it.  this is the gallery app from the nexus one and android 2.1 which will amaze you.

5.  dolphin browser – hating google for leaving out multi-touch on your browser?  download dolphin from the market for free and you’ve got it.  plus, it runs like firefox which is lovely.  here is another tutorial we did showing the awesomeness that is dolphin.

6.  layar – heard of the iphone’s “augmented reality?”  layar brings it to android.  this app takes your location, uses your camera, and points out cool stuff near you including restaurants, golf courses, bars, and just about anything else you are looking for.  it takes some time to get used to, but it’s sooooooo worth it.

7.  yelp – yelp exists in layar, but in case that is too advanced for you, go ahead and just get this one.  it’s not as advanced and up-to-date as the iphone version, but it’s come a long way.  i love me some yelp.

8.  kayak – kayak has been the greatest vacation search engine for some time and the app is no disappointment.  grab it for free in the market.

9.  ringdroid – want to make your own free ringtones?  it doesn’t get any easier than this.  you can make them in seconds using your own music plus you can set them as alarms, ringtones, or notifications.  love it.

10.  robo defense – i’m not really a phone gaming kind of guy, but this game is so damn addicting.  check out the free version and if you go crazy on it, it’s worth purchasing.

what else are you using that i haven’t mentioned yet?


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