first bug! sound error

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ran into my first bug last night and i have no idea what it stemmed from.  basically, after a day of playing with my new motorola droid, my sound went almost to silent.  at first i thought it was my locale profiles going a little whacky, but an uninstall of that didn’t fix the problem.  i also played with the actual sound settings manually and nothing seemed to work.

basically, when i had someone try to call me, the ringtone was about as faint as you can get.  and if i hung up on the person, the volume would then crank up to its normal level for a split second.  too weird.

so what fixed it?  a reboot.  i call it a reboot because this is really a computer and sometimes, after a tough day of tweaks, you need a reboot and a fresh start.

anyone else experience a sound bug?


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