Zynga’s Hanging with Friends Receives Update, Builder Lifelines Now Available

I am always on the lookout for a game I can play with my girlfriend and family members. In addition to Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends is another fun game from Zynga that I can play with loved ones, where it is not overly competitive and someone’s feelings won’t get too hurt after I crush them. The application has just received an update to help word builders create the perfect word to stump their opponents, when previously, only word solvers were allowed to have lifelines.

It’s a fun and cute game, so if you haven’t given it a shot, then now is a good time. On a separate note, the characters look very creepy.

Play Link

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Words with Friends Updated, Brings In App Purchases For People Who Seek Advantages


We here at DL have always been supporters of Words with Friends ever since Zynga ported their popular iOS application over to Android.  There was a notion that the more good games that came over to the Android side, the better.  But to many who play this game, that was never the case.  The game has also been seemingly riddled with bugs and other issues that sometimes made the app unusable for people.  (more…)

Google Maps and Words With Friends Receive Minor Updates

Head on into the Market today and you will find yourself a couple of nice updates for Google Maps and Words with Friends. The Google Maps update brings us to version 5.10.1 and includes “improved location accuracy for Transit Navigation and bug fixes.”

Users of Words with Friends are always happy to receive updates and this one should prove quite good. Entitled the “Pony Express” edition, version 4.03 has fixed a few notification issues and now when an opponent messages you, you will be notified. And as always, they are continuing their “performance enhancements.”

Market Link: Google Maps | Words with Friends

Zynga Introduces ‘Hanging With Friends’ To The Android Market

Playing games with friends on mobile devices in one of the many draws to owning a smartphone. There is no greater feeling than ‘pwning’ your friends at some Jelly Wars, or even Words with Friends. Zynga, the publisher of a couple huge Android/iOS titles has released Hanging With Friends.

A take on the old middle school classic, Hangman, choose words to stump your friends – pretty easy and fun. Definitely a way pass some time with and true to Zynga’s previous offerings, it is free.

Market Link (free)

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EA Games Releases Scrabble To The Android Market For Free

There have been so many Scrabble clones on the Market lately, the most popular being Words with Friends and WordSmith. Both are great, and deploy all the usual rules and features one would come to expect from a Scrabble-esque game. Being able to smack talk the competition with in-game chatting, cross platform competitiveness, and being able to play multiple games at the same time is just a few of the features the official Scrabble game has.  (more…)

Words With Friends Released on Android

The Scrabble-esque multi-player word game from Zynga aka Words With Friends, is now available on Android.  We had heard is was going to be out on Friday from an anonymous source, and sure enough, they were almost right.  The game is free and can be played against any one of your friends, including those unfortunate ones that forked out cash for a device that just landed on Verizon, is almost a year old and will be replaced in June.  We’ve already jumped into a random game to begin the DL domination.

Download Link

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