Samsung Stratosphere Available Today from Verizon for $149

It may not be the Galaxy SII, but if you love Samsung, slideout keyboards, low prices, and 4G LTE, the Stratosphere is your only option for the time being. We all know that a set of powerhouse devices is on the way including the HTC Rezound, DROID RAZR, and Galaxy Nexus, but there are a handful of people out there that can’t live without a physical keyboard. None of those devices has one. For $149 on 2-year contract, this little guy and its 1GHz single-core processor can be yours.


Samsung Stratosphere Announced by Verizon, Available October 13 for $149

No surprises here, but we still wanted to point out that the Samsung Stratosphere is finally “official” on Verizon. Available this Thursday (October 13), this is one of the cheapest 4G LTE phones at just $149 after $50 rebate. It is essentially the Samsung Fascinate but with a keyboard and 4G LTE. Full specs can be found here and here.

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Samsung Stratosphere Launching October 13: Full Specs and User Manual Available

The Samsung Stratosphere stopped being a mystery long ago, but after a couple of missed release dates, we now have the official one thanks to our friends at Verizon.  You can purchase this mid-tier 4G LTE slider next week on October 13.  Pricing has not been announced, but we are expecting or assuming at least, that it will swing in around the $149 mark on 2-year contract.

We have full specs (again) for you below, as well as the user manual and some side shots.   (more…)

Samsung Stratosphere Accessories Start Arriving in Verizon Stores

With accessories now arriving in stores for the Samsung Stratosphere, I’d say we may just see it this week on October 6 after all.  We essentially already know just about everything there is to know about this phone now, including the official specs and what it will look like.  It’s a mid-tier 4G LTE phone for those that can’t live without a physical keyboard and will likely sneak in around the $149 mark on 2-year contract.

Keyboard fiends, are you ready for it?

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Full Specs for the Samsung Stratosphere, Comparisons to Other Devices as Well

When the Samsung Stratosphere first popped up on DL, most of us had fingers an toes crossed that it would be Verizon’s Galaxy SII variant.  We now know that not to be the case and will instead see a device more on-par with the Epic 4G on Sprint than anything.  That doesn’t mean it is a total flop though – remember that there is a pretty good sized group of people that cannot live without a physical keyboard and also want 4G LTE.  This will be their option, for now.

We just received the comparison specs sheets for the device from our friends at Verizon, so that those interested can get an idea as to what they might expect when the device launches on October 6.  What we have is a single-core 1GHz processor, Android 2.3, 1.3MP front camera, 5MP rear camera, 512MB of RAM, 4″ Super AMOLED display, and 4G LTE capabilities.

Verizon is calling it a “mid-tier” option, so we can hope that means it will come in around a $149.99 price point.   (more…)

Leaked Images Of Verizon’s Upcoming Samsung Stratosphere Hit The Web

When visiting the WireFly page for the newly available Pantech Breakout, a keen-eyed reader noticed two press shots of the upcoming and unannounced Samsung Stratosphere. Both images were bundled within the Breakout’s gallery and matched up to the ones we saw earlier this month.

The Stratosphere is an upcoming Verizon 4G LTE device that contains a QWERTY keyboard (think Epic 4G) and is rumored to be arriving in early October. The Stratosphere should provide a QWERTY option to those looking for an LTE device that won’t break the bank. Unfortunately, pricing is unavilable at this time. Another photo can be found after the break. (more…)

RadioShack Expecting the HTC Vigor on October 20, Stratosphere on October 6

Last night we got a random tip suggesting that the HTC Vigor was to be rebranded as the DROID Incredible HD and would be out on October 13.  Whether that date and name are legit remains to be seen, but we know now that RadioShack is at least expecting to see the device as the “Vigor” on October 20. Well, via direct fill anyway.  And if that is indeed the case, then I would say that Verizon must be planning a pre-order for it that week?  Something to consider.  Just over a month away, folks.

And as to not shun the Epic 4G Samsung Stratosphere, we should point out that it also made The Shack’s list and is expected to be available via d-fill on October 6.  So much for this being a slow Fall?

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HTC Rhyme and Samsung Stratosphere in Verizon’s Device Management, Pantech Breakout is Just $149 on Contract

Both the HTC Rhyme and Samsung Stratosphere are now appearing in Verizon’s Device Management system, a sign that they are more than just vapor.  The Stratosphere – a device expected to be like the Epic 4G with slideout keyboard – is confirmed as having 4G LTE radios and no global roaming.  The Rhyme on the other hand is just 3G, but could be a girl-friendly device with Beats by Dre audio.  Each of these devices is looked at as being mid-range.

And speaking of mid-range, we have official pricing for the Pantech Breakout below.   (more…)