Instagram Intros Stories Feature, Because Forget Snapchat

Snapchat introduced Stories this morning. Oh, wait, I mean Instagram. Let’s try this again. Instagram introduced Stories this morning, a feature that 100% copies Snapchat’s Stories feature. With Instagram Stories, users can upload different clips and shots into the same Story, then share that Story with whoever they want on Instagram. If this sounds like Snapchat Stories, it should, because it’s the exact same thing.  (more…)

Snapchat Update Brings Memories, a Collection of Favorited Stories and Photos

In an old update for Snapchat, the app introduced Stories. With Stories, users could upload short videos and photos to a single feed that could be shared with friends. As things happened in a day, you could update your Story, and it was a great way to let friends in on what you were up to. Now, Snapchat introduces Memories, and everything that was authentic and real about Stories is going right out the window.  (more…)

Snapchat Intros Chat 2.0 With Reworked Features, Auto-Advance Stories

One aspect of Snapchat frequently overlooked is the ability to “chat” with friends. Similar to Hangouts or any other instant messaging app, you can whip up a few sentences, then send them along to a friend who maybe sent you a really funny snap recently. It is sometimes easier to reply with words than with a snap of your own. With that said, Snapchat announced Chat 2.0 today, brining a more intuitive chatting experience to users of the service.  (more…)

Liked Those Snapchat Selfie Lenses? You Can Now Buy Them For a $1 a Pop

Back in mid-September, Snapchat released lenses for selfies. They are animated frames you can place on top of your face, making any selfie that much more interesting to look at. Most of them were actually quite good, and now, users of Snapchat can access a library of lenses, all available for purchase at the price of $1 a pop. A few of the basic lenses are still free, but the good ones each cost a $1.  (more…)