Facebook Introduces Slingshot, a Snapchat Competitor Based on an Odd Idea

Facebook Creative Labs introduced their new app today, called Slingshot. This app has been rumored for some time as a Snapchat competitor, in that you can send short videos or images to friends that will disappear shortly after they view them. Slingshot is different in a way, though. In order to view images or videos received, you have to first “sling” something to the friend who just sent something to you. Wow, that was as odd to type as it sounds.  (more…)

Major Snapchat Update Headed to Android and iOS, Adds Live Video Chat

Snapchatters around the world today will be excited, as a major update to Snapchat is set to bring a completely new take on the way people use the application.

Since its release, the main idea behind Snapchat was that one person would snap a photo, place a self-destruction timer on the photo, and then send it out to friends. Once the photo was viewed for the selected amount of time, it would then be deleted from Snapchat’s servers, never to be seen again.

Today, Snapchat introduces “Chat,” not just for real time conversations, but also for face-to-face conversations with your friends.  (more…)

Holofication Nation Looks to Remodel Popular Android Apps Under the Android Design Guidelines

Android has come a long way over the years, but unfortunately for users, just because an application is released on Android at the same time as iOS, doesn’t mean that it will use all that the open platform has to offer. Google has published an Android Design Guideline as a start for developers who want to make their apps look good and handle well, but a few major developers choose to not follow the guides. The XDA group Holofication Nation is looking to change that.  (more…)

Snapchat User Base Data Hacked, 4.6 Million Usernames and Phone Numbers Leaked Online

Whether you use Snapchat for naughty or nice things (sometimes they are the same thing), your information is possibly at risk. Over the past week, news has been growing which surrounds a leak of 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers from Snapchat’s database. The information is not being used maliciously as of right now, as this is more of a wake up call to Snapchat that when exploits are not addressed by their security team, hackers won’t play nice.  (more…)