Snapchat User Base Data Hacked, 4.6 Million Usernames and Phone Numbers Leaked Online

Whether you use Snapchat for naughty or nice things (sometimes they are the same thing), your information is possibly at risk. Over the past week, news has been growing which surrounds a leak of 4.6 million usernames and phone numbers from Snapchat’s database. The information is not being used maliciously as of right now, as this is more of a wake up call to Snapchat that when exploits are not addressed by their security team, hackers won’t play nice.  (more…)

Facebook Reportedly Offered Snapchat $3 Billion in Cash for Acquisition, Was Denied


According to the Wall Street Journal, a recent attempt by Facebook to acquire Snapchat with an all-cash offer of $3 billion has been turned down. Real quickly, we want to sum up what a $3 billion idea apparently looks like. Snapchat is an app that allows you to send images and videos to friends that are then deleted after a determined amount of time once they are opened by the receiver. The longest a photo can stay alive after being viewed is 10 seconds, so think of it as a ticking time bomb attached to sent pictures.  (more…)

Bad Decision Alert: Snapchat Releases App for Samsung Galaxy Gear

snapchat galaxy gear

I use Snapchat almost daily, sending and receiving absolutely meaningless photos and videos between my friends from my phone. The only thing that sounds worse to me than opening a loud video or stupid photo in public on my phone is opening one of those on a watch attached to my wrist. Nevertheless, the Snapchat team was extremely quick on the uptake and has released an app specifically made for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. (more…)

Snapchat for Android Goes Beta, Brings New Features to Those Willing to Test Them


It appears that Snapchat is the latest company to go the beta route, allowing Android users to enroll in a special program to test the latest and greatest features the development team has to offer. Signing up is easy enough – just join Snapchat’s Google+ community, then become a tester on Google Play. Once that’s completed, you can start downloading the beta apk from Google Play, then you are all set.  (more…)

Self-Destructing Snapchat App Launches for Android, Ultimate Sexting Tool?

That title may seem silly to some, but I am positive that sexting was what the creators of Snapchat had in mind when setting out to make this app. Don’t hold me to that though. This application is huge on iOS and as of yesterday, it has finally arrived for Android. Basically, once you add friends to the app who also have Snapchat, you send each other messages and photos, but there’s a twist. Each message has a timer applied to it that reaches up to 10 seconds. Once that time limit is reached, the message self destructs and is no longer viewable. Sneaky sneaky!

Like I said, it’s perfect for texting things that may otherwise be inappropriate or confidential. It’s rated super highly and people are taking to it very well. It’s free on Google Play, so if that’s your sort of thing, no judgement.

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Cheers Jason!