Koush’s ROM Manager Pulled From Google Play, Google Cites Developer Agreement Violations

ROM Manager has been a huge part of the Android ecosystem, helping rooted users flash new ROMs and restore backups for years. Unfortunately, it appears that its developer Koush, has run into troubles. Google, without warning, removed ROM Manager from Google Play, citing that the app violates a few agreements that developers sign in to, specifically ones that deal with third party payment options inside of apps downloaded from Google Play.  (more…)

Newest Builds of CyanogenMod Feature CM Updater, Replaces ROM Manager

If you only flash CyanogenMod to your device and other ROMs don’t interest you, then it looks like you won’t have any use for ROM Manager anymore. Starting today, the newest nightlies of CM have CM Updater built right into the settings. With CM Updater, you can backup your data, download newest builds, and more. Perfect for all you CM fans out there.

You can grab the nightlies right here.

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ROM Manager Updated, “Restore ROM Manager” Feature Could Save You Later

Sometimes, you flash a new ROM and come to find out, it doesn’t have Google Apps coupled with it and ROM Manager was also left out. So, what’s a flasher to do? Thankfully, Koush has fixed this from being an issue down the road.

With the new “Restore ROM Manager” feature, ClockworldMod Recovery checks before reboot whether ROM Manager is installed on your device under system/apps. As long as you have that settings box checked, whether you wipe all of your data or not, ROM Manager will be there to greet you upon reboot. Definitely a saving feature for the habitual ROM flasher.

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ClockworkMod Recovery 6 Released for Galaxy Nexus, ROM Manager Overhaul is on the Way Too

Last week, Koush talked about a release of ClockworkMod Recovery 6 that would include a handful of new features. Last night, we released the update for the Galaxy Nexus, bringing with it faster backups, a new backup format, fixed restoring of backups greater than 2GB, and a fancy new background. If you want to update to this right away, you can do so through ROM Manager.

Speaking of ROM Manager, he also announced that everyone’s favorite ROM flasher is in need of a makeover. A UI rewrite will arrive “shortly” and will include a paid ROM section, an option to upload your ROM for anyone to use, and the ability to connect your ROM to Recovery Builder. It’s hard to believe that this fantastic app has been around for 2 years already. Bring on the makeover!

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Founder Of CyanogenMod Offers An Update On The Development Of CM9, Original DROID No Longer Supported

“Never ask for ETAs.”  Probably the most well known quote from the CyanogenMod Team.  It makes sense though, seeing that greatness can not be rushed.  Well I wouldn’t call this an actual ETA, but Cyanogen himself has gone ahead and posted up a blog letting everyone know their plans for distribution of CM9 – the newest custom ROM offering based on Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich.  According to Cyanogen, thanks to changes Google has made in their code, the CyanogenMod Team is going to be working extra hard to create working builds for multiple devices.  Little hiccups like this have never stopped them before.  No need for worry there.  (more…)

ROM Manager Now Supports Both the DROID Bionic and DROIDX2


Both the DROIDX2 and DROID Bionic are now supported by ROM Manager thanks to @koush and @cvpcs.  You will need to be rooted and then bootstrapped in order to use it, but you probably already knew that.  Official Bionic bootstrap should be out soon – the current version works just fine for now though.

For those new to ROM Manager, simply look at this as one of your best tools when it comes to switching ROMs, managing backups, and taking care of a variety of root-only tasks.  One of the top 5 apps for rooted devices of all time, right here.  Now we just need a whole bunch of ROMs to play with on both devices.

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ROM Manager Updates, Brings Infrastructure For Cloud Backup Storage

Well our boy Koush looks to be up to something with his newest update of ROM Manager. Cloud Storage for our backups? That would be a very pleasant update indeed. The update also brings with it a few bug fixes, but beyond that we’re just concerned about the cloud backup storage. Will be quite interesting to see how that will be integrated into the way we flash ROMs and store our files. Plus no more taking up half of my SD Card with 8GB’s worth of backups. As soon as this becomes more of a reality, be sure that we’ll let you all know.

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