HTC Rezound Drops to $80 From Verizon

Verizon dropped the price of the HTC Rezound this weekend to $79.99 on new 2-year contract. This is easily the cheapest price point that we have seen Big Red hit, but we shouldn’t be surprised since they just announced two new phones this morning and are planning to unveil more tomorrow at Motorola’s NYC event. What’s a bit wild, is the fact that the Verizon is selling it cheaper than even Amazon is, something we rarely see.


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HTC Releases Kernel Source for the Rezound’s ICS Build 3.14.605.12

Good news, HTC Rezound owners. The kernel source for the latest Ice Cream Sandwich update, build 3.14.605.12, the one you received on your devices at the end of July, has been released! This certainly should help in development going forward. For those that aren’t developers, well, this probably doesn’t matter much to you until a developer does something with it.

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FYI: Rezound ICS Update Arrives as Two Separate Updates


If you have yet to receive the official Ice Cream Sandwich update on your HTC Rezound, we wanted to let you know that the update will actually arrive in two parts. The first is a 7.1MB file that is used to “prepare” your device to receive Android 4.0. The second, is 299MB in size, and is the actual ICS update. When you see the first small one, try to contain yourself – there is one more to follow before your device leaves Gingerbread for good.

To see the full changelog, be sure to check out this post.

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HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Update Approved and Ready to Roll Out

Well, we had heard whispers of an OTA update for the HTC Rezound starting to roll out last night, and sure enough, Verizon has published the documents that prove we were right. Ice Cream Sandwich is ready and should be headed to your device any day now. In fact, some of our readers have already received it. So you know, these updates tend to start popping up on devices in small batches for the first few days as tests before becoming available to everyone.

HTC told us that this sucker would be ready before the end of July, a date they will end up two days late on. Still, not bad. From what we can tell, this update was ready over a month ago anyway and was simply awaiting final approval. Plus, they were clearly working on a handful of devices including the EVO 3D.

The final build number is 3.14.605.12 710RD. The version of Android is 4.0.3. It’s Sense 3.6, not the 4.0 that you will find on the Incredible 4G LTE and entire One Series, but it should still be a major improvement thanks to it being atop Ice Cream Sandwich. At 299MB in size, this one is going to take a minute or two to download. Also, be sure you have plenty of battery.

To find out all of the dirty details, we have included all 3 pages of support docs for you above and below.  (more…)

Will the HTC Rezound See Its Ice Cream Sandwich Update Today?

Folks, today is the last day of July. As you may recall, we were told by HTC that the Rezound should see its Ice Cream Sandwich update in either June or July, so we are quickly running out of time. What we aren’t sure about, is if it’ll happen today or this week or any time in the near future. The odd thing here, is that Verizon has apparently approved the update, something we first reported last week, but has yet to release it to the public. It could be that some last minute test came up or that they were waiting to get the DROID Charge update out first. Your guess is as good as mine.

You may also remember though, that HTC has posted the official changelog for the update twice now, only to pull it moments later. The first was on June 20 – the second posting was on July 18. If that’s not a sign that this thing should be ready, then I don’t know what is. In fact, the build that HTC references in their official changelog, is the exact as a leak that dropped in early June.

Any bets on whether or not we see the initial push begin today, so that HTC can meet their deadline?

HTC Posts Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Update Details Again, Lists the Old June 20 Release Date Too

Back on June 20, HTC posted software upgrade instructions for the Rezound and its impending Ice Cream Sandwich update. Initially, we were as excited as can be. But after not hearing a peep out of Verizon, we started to wonder if this was a mistake. Sure enough it was, and HTC removed the details almost immediately.

Today, those same details for software build 3.14.605.10 have returned along with the June 20 date. We aren’t sure if this means that the update is finally ready to be pushed or if someone accidentally pressed “publish” again. If Verizon releases details for the update, then we know this thing is on, but until then, keep your fingers crossed.

HTC told us recently to expect the update at the end of July. Since today is the 18th, I’d say we are getting close.

And don’t forget, that this build leaked back in early June.

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HTC Support: Rezound ICS Update Coming End of July

Rezound owners, you have not been forgotten, according to this support letter from HTC. No sir, you should have Ice Cream Sandwich on your devices as early as the end of July. Previously, HTC told us to expect the update in either June or July, so if they slip it into the end of this month, they will technically be on time. This letter mentions that rollout will happen towards the end though, and that final pushes of the update will happen in August. I wouldn’t call it a delay, but it does seem to have been pushed back a bit.  (more…)