LinkedIn Pulse Gets Nice UI Overhaul, Streamlines Your Professional Newsfeed

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Coming into this year, Pulse was one of the more popular personalized newsfeed applications that Android could offer. When they were acquired by the business-minded LinkedIn network, people were a little concerned that their app would change. LinkedIn has made a few changes, but made sure they were ones like today’s user interface overhaul.  (more…)

Pulse News Updated to Version 3.0, Allows For Unlimited Pages and a New Widget

Yesterday, the popular Pulse News application received an update to version 3.0. Included in the update is the ability to add unlimited pages (feeds), swipe from off the screen to view your stories feature, and a brand new widget for viewing important news right from your homescreen without the need of opening the app.

If you haven’t tried Pulse before, it’s a very well-made application that has been on Android for quite some time. It looks especially good on tablets, so if you’re in the market for a free news reader, check it out.

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Tablet Support Comes to Google Reader App in New Update

Hooray for more tablet apps!  The number of Honeycomb apps seems to be on the rise these days, but we could always use more, especially the apps we use on a daily basis.  Google Reader is by far my top choice for a feed reader, so I couldn’t be happier that it now looks tabletified.  Sure, there are plenty of spicy photo-centric readers like News360 and Pulse that get the job done – I just like my news simple.  If you want something without all the fluff and that reminds you of an in-browser reader, then this is a great choice.   (more…)

FLUD News For Android, Because You Can Never Have Too Many News Readers

There is an excellent selection of news readers on the Android Market. FLUD is yet another awesome choice, proving that you can never have enough of a good thing. FLUD brings excellent integration with your Twitter, Google Reader account, and any RSS feed from the web. It has a beautiful UI, with an easy swipe through feed that is super easy to set up.  (more…)

Taptu Updated with Tablet Support

We’re finally starting to see full tablet support on an abundance of apps these days, and Taptu is one of them.  Rebuilt from the ground up with Honeycomb in mind, this is picture-styled news reader which will remind you of Pulse, except that it has unique features like the ability to import up to 100 feeds from your Google Reader account.  They also tossed in the ability to add multiple Twitter accounts, which is something the iOS version can’t even accomplish.

The rest of the goodies in this release:

  • Themes: Change the color theme from dark text on a white background to white text on a background for better reading day or night.
  • Full screen reading: Read articles in fullscreen instead of a tabbed look.
  • Instapaper support: Don’t have time to read it now? Send it to your Instapaper account to read it later.

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What are you guys using on your tablets?  Google Reader, Pulse, or Taptu?

Pulse News Reader Updated to Version 2.0: Add up to 60 News Sources, Share them Easier

Everyone’s favorite picture-laden news reader app, Pulse, updated to version 2.0 today and now allows you to add up to 60 of your favorite feeds in that beautiful column format.  They’ve also enhanced the performance by improving swiping smoothness and made sharing with your favorite social outlets easier.  Is anyone using anything besides Pulse or Google Reader these days?  Top two in my opinion.

What’s in this version:

  1. Three Times More Sources: Personalize your mobile news reading experience by selecting up to 60 news sources (compared to the previous 25) across five customizable pages.
  2. Social News: Easily browse social content from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Digg and Reddit
  3. Improved Google Reader: We now save stories read offline on Pulse and sync them to Google Reader when the app is online later.
  4. Smooth Swiping: We have improved swiping between stories in text and web view to be smoother than ever.

Via:  Pulse