Nexus Q Back From the Dead Already, CyanogenMod Releases First Nightly Build

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After what seemed like an apparent last call for the Nexus Q from Google, the CyanogenMod team pulled a Pet Sematary and have brought new life to the orb. But is it true that sometimes, dead is better? The nightly build for the device, codenamed steelhead, brings the Nexus Q to Android 4.2.1 and adds actual use for the device such as access to apps and things of that nature. Why Google didn’t do this in the first place is still beyond us.  (more…)

Nexus Q Status Changes to “No Longer Available For Sale” From “Not for Sale at This Time”

google nexus q

This morning, Google updated the Nexus Q page in Google Play to read “no longer available for sale.” This may not seem like news at first glance, but up until today, the page read “This device is not for sale at this time,” giving us some hope that it would eventually return. We aren’t sure if this new status change means it’s never coming back or not, but it certainly doesn’t sound positive. In fact, the Galaxy Nexus and 8GB Nexus 7 both say “no longer available for sale” and definitely not ever coming back.  (more…)

Android 4.1.2 Factory Images for “yakju” Galaxy Nexus and “soju” Nexus S

This afternoon, Google posted Android 4.1.2 factory image files for the “yakju” Galaxy Nexus and the “soju” Nexus S. They previously released the same files for the “takju” Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 7, so that about wraps up their world unlocked GSM lineup. All that’s left are a couple of Nexus S models and the device expected to receive the update months after everyone else, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus (“toro”).

On a side note, the first factory image for the Nexus Q (“tungsten”) has also been posted. It’s an Android 4.0.4 build IAN67K.

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How can Google Improve the Nexus Q to Get You to Buy One?

With Google announcing that retail release of the Nexus Q has been put on hold, we would actually like to thank them for this decision. We’ve had our Q’s since May of this year and personally, I’ve used mine about 5 times in total. Each of these times were just to show it off to friends, which was then followed by the question, “What does it do?” Well, it doesn’t really do much at all actually. Google, being the type of business they are, have seemingly realized this and are now going to give the Nexus Q some added features which will then make it more of an easy sale than just being a black orb that lights up and streams your Play content for $300.  (more…)

Google Delays Consumer Release of Nexus Q, Rewards Pre-orders With a Free One

According to an email that just arrived in a couple of our readers’ inboxes, Google has decided to delay the consumer launch of the Nexus Q. After hearing initial feedback from users, they have decided to postpone launch while they work on making it even better. In the mean time, they plan to send free Nexus Qs to those that pre-ordered. Talk about a deal, right?  (more…)

Google Pushes Out Updates for Nexus Q, YouTube, and Play Movies & TV App

Today, Google pushed out updated versions of the Nexus Q, YouTube, and Play Movies & TV applications. For the Q app, it now supports Android devices running 2.3.3+ which should make Gingerbread owners a bit happier once they receive their Nexus Q in the mail. As for the YouTube app, it has now spread Nexus Q support for Android 4.0 devices and earlier, as well as as allowing earlier versions of Android to use the app as a remote to play videos on other devices. Lastly, the Play Movies & TV app has been beefed up with faster downloads and a playback fix which plagued a few LG devices.

Go grab the updates in Google Play and enjoy your content to the fullest extent.

Nexus Q | YouTube | Movies & TV

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Google Sells Through Initial Batch of Nexus Qs, Now Shipping in 2-3 Weeks

Either the Nexus Q is a bigger hit than any of us had imagined or Google simply produced very few to see if anyone would buy it. Yesterday, the device appeared to be in stock with a shipping time frame of “3-5 days,” but as of today, it has changed to “2-3 weeks.”

Could the Nexus Q end up being a hit? To see if it is something that will fill a void in your life, check out our initial hands-on with it.

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Nexus Q Appears to be in Stock, Ships in 3-5 Days

The Nexus Q is in stock! Is your $300 ready? No?

I’m still trying to figure out the Nexus Q. Since I attended Google I/O, I’m in the fortunate position of having one already, but that doesn’t mean I’ve come to some official conclusion on whether or not it will be a success.

I have forced myself on some weekend days to spend time with my Nexus 7 and Q together, crushing YouTube videos left and right. I have yet to use it with Google Music though, since I have a Sonos system throughout my house. Watching movies from Google Play also hasn’t appealed to me since I have OnDemand and Netflix. For me, the use cases are limited to YouTube. As someone that has never been a YouTube junkie, you can imagine how I feel on that front.

So now that the opportunity is here, are you taking the dive? We have already seen some movement on the hacker side of things, but there is still a long way to go. I still can’t help but wonder why this doesn’t have Google TV or some sort of UI on it. It’s built like a beautiful rock and would be a shame if it fails.

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