How Many Android Applications Does Google Check Every Day for Malware?

6 billion.

That’s according to Google’s latest “Android Security 2015 Annual Report.” The report arrives for the second year in a row as a way for Google to explain to you just how secure Android really is, especially as more and more scheming anti-virus and security outlets, along with Apple bloggers, tell you otherwise. The report is also done so that Google can tell you exactly how it takes on malware and other security issues, including using machine learning to “detect potentially harmful behavior.”  (more…)

Pretty Serious Stagefright Security Flaw Found on Android, Probably Affects Your Phone

This morning, Forbes relayed a potential serious security flaw in Android, first discovered by Zimperium zLabs, that could affect your phone. The flaw is found in Android’s Stagefright, a multimedia tool at a deep system level. According to this research, a simple MMS (multimedia text) sent to your phone could open up your phone to audio/video recording, but also give a hacker access to your photos or Bluetooth. In order to gain that kind of access, they may only need to know your phone number. Zimperium zLabs suggests that some 950 million Android devices are in danger of this bug. Yep, this security bug is actually a pretty big deal.  (more…)

Google: Fewer Than 1% of Android Devices had Malware Installed in 2014

This morning, Google posted an “Android Security State of the Union” report for 2014 that paints a picture of a situation that is far different from the one sensationalist media, security companies, and Apple would have you believe. According to Google, fewer than 1% of Android devices across the globe contained a Potentially Harmful App (PHA) during 2014. In other words, cases of malware showing up on Android devices are incredibly rare.  (more…)

Android Now Constantly Verifies Apps to Make Your Device Extra Secure

Back in February, Google announced that it would soon rollout an update to expand the way it scans apps on your Android devices for security purposes. As of this morning, that new layer of protection is now live for all Android users. Google will now continually check your Android devices to make sure that all apps are behaving in a safe manner, even after the initial install.  (more…)

How to: Scan Your Device for Malware or Potential Threats [Beginners’ Guide]

android malware

Depending on who you talk to, Android as an operating system may or may not have an issue with malware, spyware and viruses. We typically operate under the idea that it in no way has a problem, but that there are plenty of security companies out there willing to tell you otherwise. To be fair, though, there have been cases of malware or viruses in Android apps, most simply aren’t found anywhere near the Google Play store. If they are found, it’s usually through alternative 3rd party markets or pirated apps.  (more…)

Mysterious App Called “Souper Android Development” Invades DROID 3 Phones, Google Remotely Removes It?


A number of our readers with DROID 3 phones (and one Incredible owner) along with various forums, are reporting that a mysterious app showed up as installed on their phones within the last day or two. At one point the app carried a person’s name, like “Brett Henderson” and “Timothy Milla,” but changed today to “Souper Android Development.” The troubling part of this story is that the app can not be uninstalled, doesn’t even show as an installed app, and no one can explain how it got there in the first place.

We aren’t sure at this time what exactly this app is capable of or if it is in fact malicious, but a name-changing, uninstallable app certainly shouldn’t excite you. Also, as you can tell from the screenshots, our tipster is rooted, so there is a chance this app made it’s way onto his phone by taking advantage of that. However, this seems to be widespread enough that it could have happened through other means and not just on rooted phones. We are still trying to find out if this app made its way onto non-rooted phones.  (more…)