KitKat Launcher+ – Experience Launcher With Customizable Options and Enhanced Features

While the Google Experience Launcher found on the Nexus 5 is great, and adds quick access to Google Now among other nice features, it isn’t very customizable. Grid size options are non existent, adding and removing additional homescreen pages is a pain, so at times it can be a big downer. A developer has released a new version of the launcher called KitKat Launcher+. With this launcher, users can tweak the grid size, add and remove pages without having to place widgets or icons on the page, plus you can hide the Google Search bar. It’s definitely worth a look if you need more options for your launcher. (more…)

Google Search Receives Update to Version 3.1.8, Brings New Cards and GEL to Android 4.1+ Devices


Google Search received a big update this evening to version 3.1.8, bringing with it a gang of new features. The crown jewel for most users will be the ability to use the official Google Experience Launcher that comes stock on the Nexus 5, plus its always-listening search capabilities and fancy animations to boot. But keep in mind, you will also need to download the Home apk from the Nexus 5 dump for that feature to work. You can download the additional apk and sideload it right here(more…)

Nova Launcher Beta Updated With Transparent Nav Buttons and Notification Bar Support

Nova Launcher

After the launch of Kit Kat, it was unclear exactly when the developers behind popular third party launcher apps would update their offerings to allow users not on the Nexus 5 to take advantage of that sexy new “translucent” look that Google introduced in Android 4.4. Well, the developer behind Nova Launcher has gone ahead and updated the beta version of Nova, allowing users to get a transparent look, while also taking advantage of custom icon packs.  (more…)

Aviate Launcher Enters Beta on Android, the Closest Thing to a Google Now Home Setup

aviate launcher android

A few months back, two former Googlers introduced a new 3rd party launcher to Android called Aviate. The app initially launched into private alpha, but as of this morning has been upgraded to private beta. When you think of Aviate, think of how Google Now simplifies, predicts, and reacts to your world automatically, but as a home screen replacement.  (more…)

The Makers of Beautiful Widgets Launch Quad Drawer to Google Play

Quad Drawer

A simple question is raised by the developers of the newly launched Quad Drawer application, the same folks that created one of Google Play’s most highly praised applications, Beautiful Widgets – How much time do you spend searching for apps on your device? Well, it may not seem like a long time for most people, but LevelUp Studios has found a way to make the process of locating your apps a bit faster.  (more…)

Grab the $16 Next Launcher 3D App for Free Today With This Trick

next launcher

Next Launcher 3D is one of the more highly priced 3rd party launchers for Android, but with today’s little trick, you can get the $16 powerhouse for free. The launcher features crazy 3D effects, turning any device you own into a futuristic Tron-centric trip. With additional themes and custom widgets downloadable from Google Play, it’s an extensive and extremely comprehensive option for someone looking to spice up their device.  (more…)

Video: Nova Launcher Updated, Customize Individual Drawer Icons and New Wallpaper Picker Interface


Over the weekend, Nova Launcher received an updated to version 2.1, bringing with it a few features that really are quite notable. For most, the important feature addition is the ability to change individual application icons in the app drawer. This is highly important when the icon pack you are using does not skin a particular icon, making the theme a bit off when viewed.  (more…)