Giveaway: Win One of Ten Tersus “HD” Icon Packs From kovdev (Update: Winners Picked)

Tersus HD

Last month, we gave away ten sets of updated Lustre icons that look gorgeous on these new high-res displays. Today, kodev has updated his highly popular Tersus pack and we have another ten copies to give out. Each individual icon has been upscaled, by hand, to XXHDPI for the ultimate clarity. Inside the pack are over 700 custom icons, which also go along with a fantastic set of wallpapers that many of you constantly email us about. And before you ask, the above pictured wallpaper is in this pack.

Ready to win one? Let’s do this.  (more…)

Giveaway: Win One of Ten Lustre “HD” Icon Packs From kovdev (Update: Winners Picked)

Lustre HD

For anyone that uses custom icons on their Android devices, I am sure you have heard the name kovdev mentioned before. They are the creators of the popular Tersus and Lustre icon packs that you have probably spotted on this site a few times.

Well, with display resolutions going up, kovdev are currently working on updating their icon packs to work well with the new displays. The first to receive this HD update is Lustre, and we have 10 copies of the icon pack to giveaway. Each individual icon has been upscaled, by hand, to XXHDPI for the ultimate clarity. Ready to win one?  (more…)

How to: Apply Icon Packs With a 3rd Party Launcher [Beginners’ Guide]

One of the cool things we can do with our Android devices straight out of the box is download a custom launcher and then apply icon packs that will drastically change the way an application’s icon appears. Take the above screenshot for example – I have Nova Launcher installed and have Kovdev’s Tersus icon pack applied. It gives each icon a uniformed square and minimal look. It’s clean, pretty, and super easy to do.  (more…)

Kovdev’s New Tersus Icon Pack is Pretty, Clean, and Perfect for Minimalists

Our buddy Kovdev pushed his newest work to Google Play last night and we’re completely in love. The new icon pack is called Tersus and we believe he named it with the help of a few of our readers. Inside you will find a nice assortment of custom wallpapers that match up well with the 400+ icons in the set that give off a clean, yet colorful feel that makes a minimalist like myself feel right at home.

He is always open to suggestions and recommendations (I bother him at least twice a week with requests), so you can rest assured you will always see updates for the pack. Go support a hard worker.

Play Link ($1.49)

Giveaway: Win One of Five Copies of the Lustre Icon Set from Kovdev (Update: Winners Picked)

If you frequent our front page, we are pretty sure there is a high chance you have seen these icons before. I personally have been sporting them for quite some time now and we always get asked what they are. It’s the Lustre set from Kovdev and today, we have five copies of the application to give away to readers. So, let’s cut to the chase and giveaway away some icons.  (more…)

Kovdev Releases Lustre Icon Pack to the Play Store, Simplistic Meets Beauty

We enjoy making our devices stand out from the pack and it is not the easiest thing to do unless you have some clean wallpapers, sexy icons, and a good sense for symmetry. Our dear friend Kovdev is a maker of all the aforementioned goods, so we constantly praise his work for the Android community. He has worked with Tha Phlash on countless icon packs that we have featured, but now, he has stepped out on his own to create Lustre. In my opinion, it is so far the most eye-pleasing icon pack and wallpaper sets I have had the joy of using and it is finally available for the masses in the Play Store.

It is starting at an introductory price of just $1, which isn’t bad for almost 200 icons for you to use any way you see fit. The pack will of course see updates and people are encouraged to send in icon requests, which if reasonable, shall be fulfilled. If you are currently running a launcher that supports custom icons, then you better jump on this set immediately.

Play Link ($0.99)

Via: Kovdev

Contest: Kovdev Releases Tha Plus Theme Based On Google+, And We Have Three Copies To Give Away


Kovdev has been pumping out work like crazy lately, and he and Tha Plash’s latest creation is entitled Tha Plus. It looks like they were highly influnced by the newest social networking crazy, Google+. The coolest part though, is Droid Life is getting a big kick down from these boys, and they’re lowering the Market price from $2.99 for the Pro version, to just $1.99 for 48 hours.  (more…)