Android Friends, Be Kind to All of the New iPhone 5 Users Tomorrow – They May be Lost and in Need of a Maps App

Android friends and family, tomorrow is a big day. It’s time to start preparing. In case you didn’t realize it yet, September 21 is the day that millions of new phone owners across the globe will have trouble finding their way to work, to the nearest gas station, to their lunch or dinner reservation, and as you can see in the picture above, surviving through take-off at their local airport. Tomorrow, is iPhone 5 launch day. 

Samsung’s Newest TV Commercial, Poking Fun at the iSheep Again

We should have known that Samsung would produce another commercial having some fun with all of the folks who stand in those lines, holding up against the cold, waiting for the new iPhone from Apple. iOS fans have every right to be excited though – 4G LTE, bigger screen, and faster processor. But as Samsung would like to point out, those things have been around for a while and then some.  (more…)

Video: Local Fox News Thinks the iPhone 5 has Laser Keyboard and Holographic Images

Are you reading this while in line at your local Apple store waiting for the sixth installment of the iPhone dubbed the iPhone 5? If so, I’m hoping you’re not waiting for the iPhone that Fox News apparently thinks Apple is releasing. According to this video, the iPhone 5 is “sleeker, has a laser keyboard, holographic images, and other cool new features.” To top it off, you can grab this new iPhone for just $200!  (more…)

This Full Page Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 Ad is Hilarious in so Many Ways

If you missed this full page newspaper ad that Samsung posted this weekend, then let me quickly catch you up. As you can see, it takes a quick cheap shot at Apple with the “genius” line before moving on to a list of specs and features that are created to make it look like the new iPhone 5 doesn’t even compare to the Galaxy S3. Tech blogs from across the world saw this ad over the weekend and completely freaked out, saying it was biased and so far from the truth because iPhone features were left out, and blah blah, blah blah.  (more…)

iPhone 5 on Verizon Can’t do Simultaneous Voice and Data, Something Android Phones Have No Problem With

Just a heads up for those of you thinking about jumping ship and picking up the next iPhone. According to a Verizon spokesperson, the new iPhone 5 cannot do simultaneous voice and data, something all LTE Android phones seem to have no problem with. We aren’t exactly sure why it can’t, but it certainly doesn’t make this new single 3G+LTE chip of Apple’s seem all that magical any longer.  (more…)

Video: Apple “Puppets” Getting Inferior Product in iPhone 5 According to This Galaxy Note Owner


First of all, this video is NSFW because of language. So before you click play, know that you have been warned. With that said, this guy wants the Apple “Puppets” to know that it’s time to wake up and that it’s “ANDROID FUH LIFE, FUH LIFE!” His 6:45 rant about the new iPhone 5 and how it compares to his Samsung “Beastung” Galaxy Note is priceless. Who knew that the iPhone 4S would be such a good fishing camera? “Living in America!”

Dear Apple, the iPhone 5 is Not the “World’s Thinnest Smartphone”

At 7.6mm thin, the iPhone 5 comes in as Apple’s thinnest iPhone offering to date. Interestingly enough, today Apple’s Phil Schiller made the claim that it is the world’s thinnest smartphone, but it looks Apple didn’t even bother to take a look at what the competitors have put out in the past year or so. In fact, there is one device in particular that is much thinner than the iPhone 5.

The original DROID RAZR for Verizon by Motorola comes in at a 7.1mm, which is a quite noticeable difference. So, is this Apple just not fact checking or are they trying to tell me the RAZR wasn’t a smartphone? Either way, case solved.

Update:  Since there are a few in the building who would like to point out that the RAZR’s hump makes it thicker, we may as well toss the Huawei P1 Ascend (6.7mm), ZTE Athena (6.2mm), and the Oppo Finder (6.65mm) into the conversation.

Cheers Kyle and Chris!