Chart: iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3 vs. One X vs. RAZR HD

Apple is wrapping up their iPhone 5 announcement as I type this, but so that you can see how this new phone of theirs stacks up to the top dogs in Android, I thought a chart would be a good way to display it. As you can see, Android devices have been doing what the iPhone 5 introduced today, for months now. But truthfully, Android devices have moved in a completely separate direction and the iPhone is driving down its own path. Android phones are big, the iPhone remains smaller. Android enthusiasts care a lot about specs and seem to want OEMs to push the envelope, while Apple is more into fine tuning and making incremental updates. Comparing them is sort of silly, but that’s what we do in the tech world. And while a chart only tells one side of the story, the paper side, it’s still worth a look. (more…)

Live Chat – Apple’s iPhone 5 Event

Look, we fully understand that we aren’t an iPhone or Apple site, but the iPhone 5 is the only story in tech today. Every other company is probably using it as a holiday of sorts because they would be foolish to try and announce something that would compete with this moment. So since they are the competitor and we like to see what kinds of silly things they claim to invent, we thought we would run a live chat. No, not a live blog since we aren’t there or covering as press, but a “chat” because we like to hang out with the DL community and talk about hot topics.

Let’s keep it clean, yet fun. Join us below.   (more…)

Please Put Out Something Cool Today, Apple [Opinion]

With Apple’s new iPhone event taking place in just a few hours, this may be coming too late for it to change anything, but that isn’t really the point. I’ve been really pondering lately what Apple could do with the iPhone 5 to make even me excited, a jaded Android user who doesn’t get stoked about 4″ displays, 4G LTE, or even quad-core processors anymore. NFC technology? Yeah, I’ve had that since the Nexus S and still hardly ever use it. But as many would argue, the iPhone 5 will still somehow be magical and sell millions and millions of units becoming the new “industry standard” for every OEM and your friends to compare every new and old device to.  (more…)

Does Anything About Tomorrow’s iPhone 5 Event Interest You?

When iOS 6 was announced, we ran a post called “Which iOS 6 Features From Android Will Reinvent Smartphones This Morning?” The responses were hilarious, but since this is hardware, we can’t really go down that road again. Instead, we thought we would simply ask, “Does anything about the iPhone 5 announcement interest you?”

Are you going to chuckle when Apple calls a 4″ display the “sweet spot”? What if the iPhone 5 really is nothing more than a longer iPhone 4S with an oddly two-toned backside? Any chance they reinvent the widget so that they “just work”? How many faked stats will we see on stage? How bad are you going to feel for iPhone accessory junkies that are going to have to re-buy every overpriced dock and speaker that they invested in over the last 5 years because of a new dock connector? Is a nano-SIM actually worth a mention during a press event?

In all seriousness, I am actually interested to see what they do with LTE. Will Apple debut a new battery or processor combo that will give an LTE phone longer than normal battery life? How good will this new 4″ display be? NFC or no NFC? Care or don’t care? Let us know.