This Icon Pack is Hot: Glif

You need your weekly fix of icons, don’t you? This week’s hot icon pack is called Glif. I don’t think there is any hiding the fact that this icon pack is a playful take on an old-school comic book. Each uniquely designed icon sports black outlines, slightly washed colors, and a “glistening” white stripe.

At this time, Glif is still very much a work-in-progress. After an update that was issued last week, the pack is closing in on 400 icons, so we are obviously a long way from the 3,000+ that other packs contain. Still, the designer (onyxdev) seems to be incredibly focused on getting out as many icons as he can and is openly accepting submissions for icons you need themed.  (more…)

These Icon Packs are Hot: Polycon and Elun

What do you say we start off the week with a couple of icon packs to freshen up your home screens? After taking a mini break from icons that we consider hot, we get the feeling that a number of you missed this little ongoing feature of ours. So, we’ll try to be better about sharing the best in Android customization.

To kick things up again, we have two icon packs that are well worth the effort of installing. The first is called Polycon, a Material Design-heavy icon pack that brings a new flavor to the abundance of Material packs. After that, we wanted to draw some attention to an old favorite called Elun. We first showed you Elun almost a year ago, but it deserves a second look today, if anything, just to support the developer. Remember that icon pack we featured last week? As it turns out, the icon designs there may have been completely lifted from Elun, only sporting a new color scheme. That’s not exactly something we like to see, especially when it comes to the icon world, where your original designs and hours of hard work are what help you stand out. So if you feel like spending a buck to support the cause, give Elun another look. You can read all about the back story here.

Here we go!  (more…)

This Icon Pack is Hot: Slou (Updated)

Update 2:  The Slou dev has responded and stands by his work. As we mentioned, we aren’t the icon police, so I’ll let you make your own decisions after reading his rebuttal.

Update 1: After featuring this icon pack, the origin of it was brought into question. We are not the icon police, so I’ll let you read the accusation and make your own judgement. The Play store link to this pack has been removed.

I know that we have been quiet on the hot icon pack front, but I think we are going to make up for it with today’s feature, Slou. This is hands-down, one of the most complete, unique, and purchase-worthy icon packs I have seen in months.  (more…)

These Icon Packs are Hot: Miu, Belle, and Vee

Admit it, your life has been missing some heat. Icon heat. Icon hotness. The “Hot.” Paris Hilton. Today, we bring it all back with a 3-pack. Yes, these icons are hot.

We were only slightly busy over the last two months covering a couple of devices you may have heard of, the Galaxy S6 (review), S6 Edge (review), and HTC One M9. With two of the three out of the way, we needed a break for a minute, which is code for – we needed to freshin’ them up with an icon pack or two. You see, when we do reviews, we almost always review a phone without a third party launcher, so that we can give you our thoughts on the stock experience a manufacturer intended. Now that reviews for the new Galaxys are out of the way, Nova is on and so are some icon packs.

Here are the three I am currently juggling.  (more…)

Free Icon Pack You Should Download: Ainokea

If you are into the icon world at all (we most definitely are), then you should know the name Alex Miller and his work as “arandompackage.” Over the years, he has made some of the best icon packs of all time, a list that includes Influx, Jive, and Éternel. His latest, Ainokea, will probably be added to the conversation before all is said and done, thanks to its “relaxing” theme, softness to the icons, understated colors, and added bonuses, like custom-made Zooper Pro skins.

Oh, it’s also free. Yep, Alex made Ainokea free last week, so you may as well go download it and take it for a spin.  (more…)

This Icon Pack is Hot: Switch UI

With so much Madness going on in March, we felt now is an appropriate time to bring you a new hot icon pack. This time, we have Switch UI, courtesy of developer Chris Morales.

Featuring a very heavy dose of Material Design and well-placed long shadows, Switch UI is one of our newest favorites in the growing list of icon packs we have applied on our phones. There are multiple versions of Google’s apps, which allows users to choose a color scheme that goes well with their current theme.  (more…)

This Icon Pack is Hot: Ponoco

It’s been hard to get me away from Phix, a material-esque pack we wrote up a couple of weeks ago, but I’d say that Ponoco is in the running. Featuring over 750+ handmade, round icons, 44 cloud-based wallpapers, a pretty app dashboard, and support for your favorite launchers, there are few things not to like here.

Each icon has been crafted to highlight the app identifier set atop rounded bodies that feature a subtle crease through their middle regions. There is a bubbliness to Ponoco that really allows the icons to hover as they sit on your home screen. The colors are soft, muted, and work incredibly well with minimal-retro wallpapers, especially those included in the pack. This is an icon pack that moves far away from the long-shadow and stock Material Design trends.

Check it out!  (more…)

This Icon Pack is Hot: Devo

With so much excitement taking place today, it’s time for some more hotness. Today, we have an icon pack called Devo, published by developer Stealthychief, available on Google Play for $0.99.

Inside, the pack contains 1900+ HD icons, 8 HD wallpapers, and features support for multiple launchers. The icons themselves are rounded, with a unique darkness to all of them. While they are flat, a few of the icon designs give off an almost 3D look, which helps the contrasting bright colors and dark backgrounds really pop to the eye.  (more…)