This Icon Pack is Hot: Orbit UI

Today’s icon pack isn’t necessarily a new one, but it is an icon pack I recently discovered and have not been able to move away from. It’s called Orbit UI, and it features over 1,000 HD icons, a handful of HD wallpapers, works with all of the top launchers, and supports dynamic calendars for your favorite calendar apps. The icon pack sports a circular design that is both minimalistic and flat. Colors are vibrant, yet soft, which allows them to fit in all sorts of modern themes and wallpapers. Each individual icon has a colored ring around its outside, giving off an “orbiting” feel of depth, hence the name.  (more…)

This Icon Pack is Hot: Vexer

We have your next dose of icon pack hotness ready. Today, take a look at Vexer, the newest work from well-known icon pack maker Samer Zayer.

Featuring a somewhat bubbly, yet professional look, there are 1650+ high quality icons in the pack, plus a ton of wallpapers to access from the cloud. Each icon features a bit of elevation, but no long shadowing. It is actually a nice touch, especially if you are not a fan of long shadows which have become all the rage among icon makers.  (more…)

This Icon Pack is Hot: Moko

Ready for your next icon pack? Moko is a serious contender, with its bubbly persona, shadows, attention to detail, and massive list of icons.

The pack features 2300+ Material Design-like icons and colors that the developer has given a “flat and vivid touch” to. They come off bright and refreshing to me, with a touch of dimension, but hey, “flat and vivid” works too. That Material approach carries through to the companion app which is filled with rippling effects, moving parts, and one of the better overall designs I have seen in an icon pack to date.  (more…)

This Icon Pack is Hot: Trim’d

Another week, another icon pack that is hot enough to share. Called Trim’d, you are looking at a pack that ditches the long-shadow in favor of a glass-like overlay, with a Material-ish color palette, and a prismatic effect. The icons are square with semi-round corners, which is a shape we see often, yet something strikes me as being unique here. Trim’d is easily one of the more refreshing icon sets we have seen in a while.  (more…)

This Icon Pack is Hot: Difft

In the past, we have taken in icon pack submissions from you, compiled the best into a single post and then shared in an ongoing “5 Fresh” series. Today, we are doing away with the “5 Fresh” series, so that we can get you awesome icon packs to consider on a much more frequent basis. It’s not that we didn’t love putting together those lists, it’s just that there are so many good icon packs out there that need to be shared while they are hot, not a couple of months down the road when we find time to put together five of them. So, enter the “This Icon Pack is Hot” feature that we will attempt to post much more regularly to get you the goods quicker than anybody.

To kick off the new feature, we thought we should take a look at Difft, an icon pack that wants to be different.  (more…)