5 Fresh Icon Packs: Nimbus, Aurora UI, KooGoo, Noventa, and Lunar UI

It has only been a couple of weeks since we last brought you five fresh icon packs, but in that time, we received another five that are just too good to not share immediately.

As you all know, we are on a never-ending quest to find the next best icon pack. We have our favorites for sure, but the quality of work that continues to come from some of our favorite icon gurus just seems to keep going next level. These five packs are all awesome in their own right. And guess what? Only one utilizes somewhat of a long shadow! We are evolving, in a good way.

Here are the next fresh five icons(more…)

5 Fresh Icon Packs: Ivory, Voxel, Luna, Banded, and Black Moonshine

It has been almost a month since we last gave you a handful of fresh icon packs to get busy with, so here are another five. You do need new packs to check out, right? In the Android customization game, a true pro never stays still for too long. A home screen change-up is necessary on an almost-weekly basis. OK, that might be overkill, but the icon addicts in the building know exactly what I am talking about.

In this month’s batch, we have some with long shadows (the trend still lives!), one with a round and colorful palette, another that is dark and simple, and others that are their own category.

Here they are, five fresh new icon packs to check out.  (more…)

Beautiful Icon Styler Lets You Use Custom Icons on Stock Launchers Without Root

Let’s say you own an Android device, yet aren’t thrilled about running a 3rd party launcher, but still want to swap out the icons in your stock launcher for a more customized look. What are your options? I hate to break it to you, but you don’t have many. Beautiful Icon Styler is one option, an option that doesn’t even require root to work.

With Beautiful Icon Styler you can keep your Google Now, BlinkFeed, TouchWiz, and Motorola launchers, but still get that custom look with icons that other launchers provide. The app, without root, allows you to swap out individual or full sets of icons with the press of a couple of buttons. Should you decide that you don’t like the look, simply revert or choose another icon pack to apply. It works with Nova/Apex-ready icon packs. (more…)

5 Fresh Icon Packs to Check Out: Flazing, Struktur, Velur, OffCorner, and YAFI

If your Android home screen is due for an overhaul, today is the day to do it. We are presenting to you today, five great new icon packs, ranging from the traditional long-shadow all the way to new and exciting textures. Flazing is a pack with bright colors and a paper-esque texture, Struktur is a rounded pack with a striped background, Velur is your traditional long-shadow pack, but with extra flair, OffCorner takes a new spin on things by placing all the actual glyphs down at the bottom right corner, and YAFI (Yet Another Flat Icons) is a flat pack with a great color palette. (more…)

A Quick Look at Domo, Kovdev’s New Icon Pack, Plus That Wallpaper You Keep Asking About

“What’s that wallpaper?” “Wallpaper please.” “I do want that wallpaper.” I think someone even recreated it from the video. Yes, I’m talking about the wallpaper I shouldn’t have exposed in last night’s AcDisplay video. Never have I seen such a response to a wallpaper that I wasn’t allowed to share. But that’s how it always works, right?

Thankfully, we can finally talk about that wallpaper, plus the app it came from. That app is called Domo, and it’s the latest icon pack from our friend, Dave Kover (kovdev).  (more…)

Themer Homescreen Replacement App Updated With Custom Icon Support

The clouds have parted and the sun is shining, as Themer now has custom icon pack support for your homescreen and app drawer. Themer is the easiest way to bring a completely redesigned look to your Android device. After downloading the app from Google Play, users can select from tons of different community-created themes, complete with custom icons, custom widgets, layouts, and so much more.  (more…)

5 Icon Packs to Check Out: Vibe, Flatee, Peek, Rounded Up, and Lyra

Typically, it takes us weeks to put together posts that highlight short lists of the best icon packs to see a recent release. But something happened since the beginning of the year, as numerous icon designers gave us icon packs that we have been juggling with on the daily because they are so damn good. We talked last year about designers stepping things up a notch, however, 2014 is shaping up to be one hell of a year for the icon and wallpaper game if this is the type of work we have to look forward to.  (more…)