Initial Thoughts on Facebook Home and the HTC First #2

fb home

As you have already seen, today’s coverage mostly focused around the announcement of Facebook’s Home launcher for Android and their partnership with both AT&T and HTC to create the HTC First. This size of an investment in the mobile space is what Facebook has been needing, given that the mobile experience for their service on Android is somewhat lacking.

Kellen already ran through his initial reaction, but since I was actually at the event, thought I would go over my initial reaction to today’s announcements as well.  (more…)

Google Introduces iOS-styled Gmail to Mobile Web Version, Not Android Client

gmail ios

In December of last year, Google introduced a brand new version of Gmail to iOS that was simply put, beautifully designed. We talked at the time about how much more appealing this version was than the newest version for Android that had been released the day prior. This iOS version matched the design of the web interface, utilized a slideout menu bar, and in away, follows Android design guidelines more closely than the actual Android version. Thankfully, as of today, we can get a taste of this new design through our  mobile browsers.  (more…)

Q4 Android U.S. Marketshare Numbers are in, Still Sitting Pretty at 53.4%

android apple

New numbers are in from comScore’s Q4 2012 report, ranking the top five U.S. marketshare contenders. In terms of operating systems, Android is still sitting on the throne with 53.4%, growing from last year’s 52.5%. Following Android is Apple’s iOS at 36.3%, which is quite respectable, considering BlackBerry and Windows make up just a little over 9% when combined.  (more…)

Android Crushes Competition, Captures 70% of World’s Smartphone Marketshare in Q4

android amigurumi

According to a report out of Strategy Analytics, Android Q4 marketshare showed a 38% growth over last year’s, totaling at a 70.1% worldwide domination. Last year, during this same time, Android held a respectable 51.3%, followed by Apple’s iOS at just 23.6%. Now, Apple has dropped just a hair to 22% evenly, while Android grows by leaps and bounds, shipped on roughly 152.1 million devices in three months.  (more…)

Google Apps on iOS and Android [Opinion]

Google Apps on iOS

In the past few months it has become abundantly clear that Google intends to support three platforms: the web, Android, and iOS. Google’s support for the web and Android should not come as a surprise; Google has always been a web company and Google bought Android to fight Microsoft in the mobile space. Even Google’s support of iOS is not all that surprising since the iPhone was essentially the Google phone before the G1. What is surprising, however, is that Google isn’t just making apps for iOS; they’re making really good apps for iOS.


Consumer Reports Marks Apple’s iPhone 5 the Worst of the Best

iPhone 5 Consumer Reports

In a recent report, it looks like Apple’s iPhone 5 is losing its grip on the everyday consumer. According to Consumer Reports, the iPhone 5 is now listed as the lowest rated top 3 smartphone on each carrier, minus T-Mobile who haven’t had the device on their network. Topping the lists are the Samsung Galaxy S3 for T-Mobile, the LG Optimus G for AT&T and Sprint, and the RAZR HD’s for Verizon. Crazy enough, the iPhone didn’t even make it onto Big Red’s list, which is actually quite surprising.  (more…)