HTCDev Site Shows That Sense + Honeycomb, Equals Sense

After exploring the HTCDev site, location of the almighty unlocking of the HTC bootloaders taking place later this year, a reader over at Android Central showed everyone a few things of interest. Included within the goodies are some screen shots of a Honeycomb tablet, running a version of Sense. It hasn’t been said whether this is just a developer version yet, or if this is exactly what we saw teased to be released on the HTC Puccini. (more…)

HTC Bootloader Unlocking to Take Place at

HTC announced this morning that their site will be the future home of their bootloader unlocking web tool.  When the first updates start rolling out to phones later this month that will give users the option to unlock their phones, this will be the site to check on for all additional details.   Remember though, that the only phones currently in the plans to allow bootloader unlocking are the EVO 3D and Sensation 4G – nothing from Verizon.  So in order to unlock your Incredible 2 or Thunderbolt, you’ll have to do it the hard, manual, and non-OEM approved way.

There is a small chance that they could add in older, locked devices, but we would doubt that it’ll happen to any of Big Red’s previous offerings.  If you love HTC combined with VZW, you’ll have to look forward and hope that the Vigor gets this same unlocking love.

Via:  Twitter