Hootsuite Receives Large Update, Brings Material Design and Instant Sync With Desktop Client

A large update is rolling out to users of Hootsuite, bringing a fancy new look on top of newly incorporated features. The developers of Hootsuite have worked in Material Design, allowing for a more “consistent and unified Android experience for users.” In addition, Material Design makes the app quicker to navigate and easier to use, according to Hootsuite.  (more…)

Hootsuite, Minecraft, and Sliding Messaging All Receive Updates in Google Play


We love app updates. They’re refreshing, and when it’s a substantial update, it’s like you have a brand new app to play with. It’s a win win situation for everyone involved. This morning, three of our favorites have received some pretty noteworthy updates. One of our go-to Twitter clients, Hootsuite, now has a widget and bug fixes. Sliding Messaging supports the sending of a text to multiple contacts and more colorful emojis. And Minecraft got its major 0.6.0 update which brings a whole ton of features and fixes.

We have full changelogs down below!  (more…)

Pandora, Twitter, Hootsuite Receive Updates – Grab Them in Google Play

This morning, three very popular Android applications received updates that are completely noteworthy. For the music lovers in the crowd, Pandora got a major bump to version 4.0. Included in this version are a ton of new features like viewing station details, ability to edit your shuffle from the device, and integration with other social network sites.

For all you tweeters, both Hootsuite and the official Twitter application were updated as well. For Hootsuite, there is now an added Action Bar and drawer navigation, as well as the ability to AutoSchedule posts. As for the official Twitter application, tweets that are rich with content (pictures, videos, article previews) now appear right in the stream, photo streams through search, and a whole lot more.

Go grab them all if you haven’t already.

Play Link: Pandora | Twitter | Hootsuite

Cheers K and Dylan!

Hootsuite Acquires Seesmic, This Guy Couldn’t be Happier

This morning, Seesmic announced that it had been acquired by fellow Twitter client, Hootsuite. Seesmic has always been a pioneer in the Android Twitter game. At one time, they were the go-to client. To see them join forces with Hootsuite, my favorite Twitter client of the last 4 or 5 years, this should only mean that amazing updates and features will be on the way. Hootsuite has mentioned that they have experienced recent “hyper-growth,” which apparently means that others are seeing the light.  (more…)

Full Version of HootSuite Turns Free on 10/13

HootSuite, one of our favorite Twitter apps of all time, just announced that its full paid version will become free starting 10/13.  For those of you not interested in paying the $2.99 price tag of months past, next week will be your chance to check out the app we’ve raved about.  In our books there are 2 Twitter apps worth using:  Tweetdeck and HootSuite.  I’d go into my list of reasons, but it could take a long, long time.

From HootSuite…

Mobile HootSuite fans will enjoy an added bonus next week – as of noon PST on October 13, the full version of HootSuite for i*hone and HootSuite for Android will be absolutely FREE to download.

If you have already paid for the full version, they would like to thank you for the support. No refunds people.

Via:  HootSuite Blog

android app review: hootsuite! robot love people.

this morning we told you about hootsuite, which is the newest twitter app to hit the android market and wanted to follow up with a video review for the many of you expressing confusion over this little guy.  this is undoubtedly our favorite twitter app to date simply because it’s the mini-version of the PC version that we use on a daily basis.  not only did it import all of our settings from our PC, but it also managed to include all of the amazing features we were already enjoying.  (well, the paid version did anyway.)

check out the review…


hootsuite announced for android! robots need love too!

many times you wake up to that blinking green light on your motorola droid and cringe while wondering just how big the email damage is. and then on those rare occasions, you get an email that you favorite PC twitter client has finally found its way to android! yay!

the hootsuite website has a special android page now which includes links to both the lite and paid versions.