Google Glass Revised Hardware Makes First Appearance, Along With Earbud

google glass new

Yesterday, the Google Glass team announced that they had created new hardware, and that current Glass Explorers would have the one-time option to swap out their original Glass unit for the new version. The new version of glass will work with “future lines of shades and prescription frames,” so if those were a missing piece in your Glass experience, be sure to swap. They also announced a new referral program and an earbud attachment that would come with the new Glass hardware. Today, we’re getting a look at the revised Glass along with the earbud. It looks…the same, plus an earbud.  (more…)

Google Opens Up Glass Explorer Program to Friend Referrals, Will Intro Updated Hardware as Well


Back in July, it was reported that Google would soon open up a few more slots for folks to enter the Glass Explorers program. Today, they have officially confirmed those plans, and have launched the ability for select Google Glass users. Going forward, each Explorer will have the opportunity to invite up to three friends to the Glass Explorers program, who will then have the ability to purchase the device and will have it shipped to them, no matter where they are.  (more…)

Google’s Newest Patent Lets Glass Users Capture Things They “Heart” In Real Life


You may not have seen someone break out the two-handed heart symbol since the late 90’s, but Google is looking to bring it back sometime soon. The list of patents that Google has stored away for their Glass experiment is a long one, but the newest one allows users to signal Glass to save moments by putting your hands up in the heart symbol in front of you. How romantic.  (more…)

Houston Zoo Uses Google Glass to Remind Us Why We Are All Scared of Snakes


One of the coolest things about Google Glass is that we can see the world from other people’s perspectives in a way we never could before. Skydiving, bike riding and all manner of sports look different from Glass’ perspective. One view that most people don’t want to see, however, is being face first with a 5-foot long Black Forest Cobra as it rears up at you.

The snake wranglers at the Houston Zoo got some questions about how they handle their snakes and decided to use Glass to help us experience it. For people who dislike snakes, this video will probably confirm that fear. For people who did not mind snakes, being this up close and personal might change their mind.

Google Glass Updated to XE8, Brings New Google Now Cards and New Voice Commands

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Each month, the Google Glass team releases an update to owners of the wearable tech. If you are one of a few thousand that currently use this device, then a new update to version XE8 is now available. Inside XE8 is a few new Google Now cards, including a Traffic card, Movies card and Hotel/Restaurants card. On top of that, new voice commands for “taking notes” and “posting updates” have been added.  (more…)

Video: A Day in the Life of a Professional Tennis Player at Wimbledon Through Google Glass


Google Glass is still only in “explorer” or beta stage, but that doesn’t mean Google isn’t going to start figuring out ways to sell consumers on having the product in their lives. In a video posted to the Glass YouTube channel this afternoon, we get to join along in the preparation of a professional tennis player in the days leading up to Wimbledon.  (more…)

Google Glass Not Exempt, Gets the Teardown Treatment


While I wouldn’t be caught dead tearing down a $1500 piece of hardware, there are others in this industry that live for the opportunity. Just like all of the other top tier flagship devices that have launched over the years, Google’s Project Glass recently met up with the teardown treatment. Using some special screwdrivers and tools, the device was broken down, revealing all of its insides and hidden gems. No unicorns or buckets of gold were found, but I guess that is to be expected.  (more…)