Video: A Day in the Life of a Professional Tennis Player at Wimbledon Through Google Glass

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Google Glass is still only in “explorer” or beta stage, but that doesn’t mean Google isn’t going to start figuring out ways to sell consumers on having the product in their lives. In a video posted to the Glass YouTube channel this afternoon, we get to join along in the preparation of a professional tennis player in the days leading up to Wimbledon.  (more…)

Google Glass Not Exempt, Gets the Teardown Treatment


While I wouldn’t be caught dead tearing down a $1500 piece of hardware, there are others in this industry that live for the opportunity. Just like all of the other top tier flagship devices that have launched over the years, Google’s Project Glass recently met up with the teardown treatment. Using some special screwdrivers and tools, the device was broken down, revealing all of its insides and hidden gems. No unicorns or buckets of gold were found, but I guess that is to be expected.  (more…)

Video: Twenty Everyday Searches That Google Glass Can Handle

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How many times a day do you perform a Google search? Couple of times a day? Over ten a day? Well, with Google Glass on your head, you can access any Google search you could come up with and get answers right in front of yours eyes without lifting up your phone. Above is a video that Project Glass just posted to their YouTube account, showcasing some of the everyday questions that someone might ask themselves.  (more…)

Tuesday Poll: Do You Care About Google Glass?

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I actually can’t believe we haven’t asked this yet, but I feel as if it’s time. Google Glass has been everywhere as of late, now that it is in the hands of developers (and random media outlets who probably have no business with them). We’re seeing personal video clips of hockey games, trips to the park, go-kart races, and more, all through Glass recordings. There are venture capitalists (with agendas) running around telling people that this is the future of tech, while others are quick to refer to it as the next Segway.

But does anyone really care at this point? Like, if you are an average consumer or even semi-addicted tech enthusiast – and aren’t a developer or someone who was foolish enough to drop $1500 on Glass to be an “early” adopter – has any of what you’ve seen turned you into an interested party? Or are you bored to death by it? Can you not wait to get your hands on a retail unit, whenever they drop? Or will you never be caught dead wearing the Segway-for-your-head?

Do You Care About Google Glass?

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Official Twitter App Spotted for Google Glass?

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Ready to start tweeting from Google Glass? Yesterday, a tweet was spotted that has since been deleted, coupled with the label “Twitter for Glass.” Once news got out, the account was deleted, making it quite possible that no one was supposed to see it.

Adding to the fun, the Twitter account @Mogrooth (minus the Muddler), belongs to a mobile engineering manager at Twitter, Shiv Ramamurthi. Additionally, 3rd party app developers cannot use the word Twitter in the labels, so the fact that “Twitter” is used in Twitter for Glass lends more credibility to the story.  (more…)

Google Left Glass Unlocked Intentionally, Wants You to “Do Some Crazy Sh*t With It”

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After word got out late last week that Google Glass was “unlocked” and “rooted,” a Googler took to his Google+ page to shed some light on the subject. As he points out, the folks that have Google Glass in their possession right now paid a very hefty price to be so fortunate. Each unit cost $1500, so in Google’s eyes, the device should be easily unlocked and hackable.  (more…)

Google Glass Explorer Edition to Ship Out Within the Next Month

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Apparently, the first buyers of Google Glass who signed up to throw down $1,500 for the wearable tech at last year’s Google I/O should have their investment in hand within the next month. At an event for the Glass Collective, an “investment syndicate between three firms to provide seed funding to entrepreneurs in the Glass ecosystem to help jumpstart their ideas,” someone close to the matter gave TechCrunch the skinny on shipping.  (more…)

First Production Run of Google Glass to be Built Right Here in the U.S. of A.

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According to a report out of Financial Times, Google is set to keep the manufacturing of Google Glass very close to home, as it looks like they have chosen a facility in Santa Clara, CA to produce their first run of the hardware. Google has been less shy about pumping out American-made hardware, much like we saw with the Nexus Q, although we could see that affect the price. Given the Nexus Q had very limited functionality, that thing still cost a pretty penny at $300, with most analysts pointing to the “Made in U.S.A.” tag as the reason.  (more…)