Samsung Confirms List of Phones and Tablets to Receive Kit Kat, Updates Begin Today

Been waiting impatiently for a list of Samsung devices that are guaranteed to see the update to Android 4.4.2 “Kit Kat“? We now have one, thanks to Samsung. The list features devices you would expect like the Galaxy S4 and S3, Galaxy Note 3 and 2, and Galaxy Note tablets. According to the Android behemoth, updates should begin as early as today, though “availability varis by carrier and product.”

Since we already saw Kit Kat show up for the Sprint Galaxy S4 last week, there could be more at any time. As soon as we learn of specific carrier models receiving updates, we’ll be sure to pass that info along.  (more…)

Samsung Unveils the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini “Black Edition”

This morning, Samsung unveiled a new colorway for the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini. The name they have chosen to represent this new duo is Black Edition. According to Samsung, these two devices are the “latest in an effort to build on its commitment to deliver innovative technologies with more premium design choices to consumers.” With that being said, you would expect a few new features to come packed in, right? Let’s see what’s new.  (more…)

Galaxy S4 Mini on Verizon Receives Galaxy Gear Support in New Update

Verizon’s variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini had an update approved this morning as build VRUAMK5. The update is significant in that it brings support for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch, something few phones can lay claim to. To learn all there is to learn about the Galaxy Gear and whether or not you should care about it after receiving this update, hit up our review(more…)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Arrives on U.S. Soil in November

galaxy s4 mini

This morning, outside of Galaxy Gear compatibility news, Samsung announced that their Galaxy S4 Mini will arrive in the U.S. next month (as in November) on Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and US Cellular. US Cellular and AT&T have already confirmed that they will carry the phone, we just haven’t seen pricing yet. We have also seen press images of Verizon’s variant with massive home button branding, but no official word or pricing either. (more…)

Samsung Extends Galaxy Gear Compatibility to 8 Devices, Including Galaxy S4, Note 2, and Galaxy S3

GalaxY Gear

Samsung’s poorly reviewed smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, became slightly more appealing this morning with an announcement that it would soon be compatible with 8 new devices. As you may be aware, the Galaxy Gear currently only works with the Galaxy Note 3, something we knocked it for in our review. How good is a smartwatch if it only works with a single smartphone?  (more…)

Samsung S4 Mini for Verizon Render Leaked, You Won’t Believe What’s on the Home Button

S4 Mini Verizon

Well, there it is – the Galaxy S4 Mini from Samsung for Verizon. If you couldn’t already tell that it was for Verizon, then I suggest heading to your local eye examiner as soon as possible. As we can clearly see, Verizon has gone ahead and pimped out this little device’s Home button with their gorgeous logo, plus plastered on some logos to the backside, just incase you still forgot who you were paying every month. We haven’t seen the Home button logo’d out like that since the Note 2, and we were really hoping they killed that idea.  (more…)

Brand New Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on Sale For $399 Through Online Deals Retailer

Galaxy S4 Mini

Usually when we see a device pop up on the homepage of various Internet deals sites, we expect to see either old or refurbished devices going for too much money. Today’s deal actually doesn’t seem all that bad, as 1 Sale A Day is asking for just $400 for a brand new (in retail packaging) Galaxy S4 Mini from Samsung. Usually listed in the excess of $500 ballpark, a cool $100+ off isn’t bad at all.  (more…)