Samsung Announces the Galaxy NX, the First Interchangeable Lens Camera With LTE and WiFi


Samsung announced the Galaxy NX this morning as the world’s first interchangeable-lens camera with LTE and WiFi connectivity. Sporting a 20.3MP APS-C sensor with Android 4.2 and a 4.8-inch HD LCD display, the Galaxy NX brings both professional-level photography and a mobile operating system with apps and connectivity together as one. This is most definitely a product on its own, breaking new ground.  (more…)

Samsung to Unveil New “Mirrorless” Galaxy Camera 2 on June 20? (Updated)

verizon galaxy camera2

Update:  The first pictures of the device have leaked. It’s called the Galaxy NX, and looks be to everything we imagined.

According to a report out of the Korea Times, Samsung boss JK Shin told reporters that they are going to release a “sequel to the Galaxy Camera” on June 20 at their London Premiere event. This sequel will be the company’s “latest mirrorless camera that runs on Google’s Android software.” That’s a pretty interesting idea, right there.  (more…)

This May be the First Picture of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom


When Samsung released the Galaxy Camera last year, most of us wondered why they stopped short of making it a full-fledged smartphone. It had a massive HD display, quad-core processor, full-blown Android operating system, and a variety of other specs that made it better than most phones on the market, outside of the fact that it sported a 16MP rear camera (with 21x zoom). But whatever the reason was, it remained the first real Android smart-camera on the planet with no phone capabilities. So what did Samsung do as a follow-up, and to meet both camera and phone requirements? Created the device you are seeing picture above know as the Galaxy S4 Zoom(more…)

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Camera Receiving Update to Android 4.1.2, Build Number GC100UCAMD4

Galaxy Camera Header

It appears AT&T and Samsung are teaming up to push out Android 4.1.2 to the Galaxy Camera this week. The new build number is GC100UCAMD4 and brings a few stability fixes and other camera firmware enhancements. As far as I can see, there is no official changelog posted from either Samsung or AT&T (don’t you just love that?) so until we find one, we don’t know much.  (more…)

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Camera Receives Massive Mystery 180MB Update to VRAMC4

galaxy camera update

The Samsung Galaxy Camera (EK-GC120) for Verizon received a major update (at least in size) this morning to build VRAMC4. The update weighs in at almost 180MB, which is substantial, though we’re not sure at all what was included with it. Verizon nor Samsung have mentioned the new firmware, so at this point, we’re stuck waiting for answers. It is still running Android 4.1.2 after the update is pushed through, though.  (more…)

Samsung Announces WiFi-only Galaxy Camera, Finally

samsung galaxy camera verizon

If you were holding out for a Galaxy Camera, sans 3G/4G LTE connection, today is your day. We are most certainly fans of this device (review here), as it got used a ton during CES, but the price did scare off a few potential customers at full retail of $500. This new variant will have dual-band WiFi, but all of the same specs: 16.3MP sensor, 21x optical zoom, 4.8″ back-facing display, Android 4.1, and a 1.4GHz quad-core processor.  (more…)