Firefox For Android Tablets Now Enters Nightly Status

If you have been waiting to get your hands on Firefox for your tablet, then now would be an excellent time to download the new nightly build that has just been published by the Mozilla team. The browser app is still in development so you can’t expect perfect results, but you are more than welcome to test it out and report and bugs you come across to the Mozilla team to help aid future development.

The major question everyone has for the Firefox app is, “Does it have Flash?” No, unfortunately it still does not support Flash. So don’t go reporting that as a bug. If you really need Flash there are plenty of alternatives such as Dolphin, or even the Stock browser – but Firefox just looks so gangster. Go try it out.

Firefox for Tablets Nightly APK

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Firefox for Tablets Gets a Brief Preview

I. Want. This. Now.  Yes Firefox, you have impressed me enough in a single preview post of your tablet-specific browser that I feel like I can no longer live without it and I don’t even have it yet.

In a blog post by one of Firefox Mobile’s developers, we get a look at the UI decisions that have been made for their tablet browser, along with some of the goodies that have carried over from the phone version.  The Awesomebar is included, a new tablet theme, and top/side tabs depending on which way you are holding your tablet.  This looks impressive.  And at this point, anything is better than the stock, crashmaster Honeycomb browser, right?   (more…)

Firefox For Android Receives Makeover, Starts Delivering Tools For Developers To Create Richer Web Experiences

Not too long ago, Firefox started a march for a better web experience. Today, Firefox has taken it’s first true step towards that goal. They have updated their Android application, and have given Firefox for Android a very nice face lift, and more importantly, have given developers the tools to build better web applications, and websites.  (more…)

Mozilla Working On Their Own Mobile OS To Make Life Easier, With A Little Help From Android

Mozilla has officially started on their newest venture called Boot to Gecko, a “complete, standalone operating system for the open Web.” They’re diving into the project with all the best intentions, looking for uniformity in application development and to streamline the complete experience provided to users. No more “fragmentation” across different devices. What works on your laptop, would work seamlessly on your mobile phone, tablet, etc.

They will be using the Gecko engine which shall now be completely open source, and all work moving forward shall be updated in real-time for further development. Looks like no double standard will be coming from the workers at Mozilla who will in fact be using Google’s Android kernels, and boot drivers to initially power a device running the mobile OS. Mozilla has said that they want to take as little from Android as possible though. So this is not an OS based on Android, but merely Android is helping get this project off the ground, so in later days, it can stand on it’s own. (more…)

Firefox Beta for Android Introduces “Do Not Track” Privacy Feature

Users of the beta Firefox Mobile for Android can feel much more secure after today with the introduction of a “Do Not Track” feature which gives them more control over the way their browsing behavior is tracked and used online.  By simply toggling the DNT to “Yes”, users are sending a “DNT: 1” signal to each website they visit – prompting that site to stop tracking them.  Not a bad feature, right?  Now, how about we ad support for Flash next?

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Firefox 4 on Android Is Officially Official, Still Doesn’t Support Flash

Mozilla just popped out an announcement for Firefox on Android, making the current version in the market the official version and that’s really all that has changed since the release candidate that dropped last week.  In fact, it’s changed so little, that my market hasn’t even asked me to update the version from last week to make it really official.  Weird, I know.

So yeah…ummm, this is official Firefox.  Anyone using it?  I was most definitely high on the browser last week when it came out, but after spending an entire week and weekend with it, I’m not longer using it.  It’s just not ready to compete with the Dolphins of the world yet, although it could be at some point down the road.  It has some really great features built into it with a superb UI and PC browser syncing (wait people use Firefox on PCs?), but the lack of Flash support plus some other little annoyances (like awful zoom rendering) have me back to a much lighter browser.  I promise to be back for version 4.1 though.

Intro video after the break.   Download Link.   (more…)

Firefox 4 Release Candidate for Android Available, Most Polished Version to Date

Firefox 4 on Android has finally hit “release candidate” status and is pretty damn awesome when compared to previous builds.  Well, aside from lacking support for Flash that is.  It has speed to compete with any other browser, is no longer riddled with performance hogging bugs, and with its side panels, is one of the easiest to use on the market.  While I’m not a huge fan of Firefox on a PC, I’m definitely a big fan of their mobile version.   (more…)

New Firefox for Android is Fastest Version Yet, Now Offers Over 200+ Add-ons

Firefox for Android received a shiny new update today that might actually be worth your time.  According to its makers, this is the fastest version yet and crushes the stock Android browser in every single speed test.  It also supports Firefox Sync, the Awesome screen, and includes over 200 add-ons just like the desktop version.  I’m actually really liking this latest build, but the fact that it still lacks Flash support is killing me.

Fancy new video walk-through after the break.   (more…)