Samsung Fascinate Update EA28 is Ready, Probably Fixes Emergency Call Bug

Another Samsung Fascinate update is ready to be released from Verizon just 3 weeks after the last one which brought riots to the streets of the interwebs over a little emergency call bug.  The PDF for the update looks a little spicier than the last at least, but if you take the time to read what is included, you’ll realize it’s exactly the same as DL09.  It’s got to be a fixer for that bug, right?  Let’s hope so, we don’t want anyone having to waste time creating “proof” videos, do we?

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Samsung Continuum vs. DROID X, DROID 2, Incredible, Fascinate

We just posted the “Top Things to Know” for the Samsung Continuum over at Android Life, but we also have this sheet which shows how the device compares to the rest of Verizon’s lineup of top Android phones including the entire Droid family.  Wondered how its “Ticker” matches up against the Droid X, D2, or Incredible?  What about the Fascinate?  Here you go.

Update:  We’ve just posted a comparison sheet to the rest of the Galaxy S lineup over at Android Life.

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Best Buy Offers Samsung Fascinate in Free Phone Friday Promo

The Samsung Fascinate (our review) is featured today in Best Buy’s “Free Phone Friday” promo and should tempt the heck out of you.  While the phone still runs on Android 2.1, lacks a notification light, has weirdly lit soft keys and looks like an i*hone, it’s still one of the better Android devices I’ve played with.  Now would be a good time to think about buying one, my friends…   (more…)

White Samsung Fascinate Headed to Best Buy on October 24th

Hey look, the white Samsung Fascinate is headed to Best Buy on October 24th!  White phones…how are we feeling about these?  The white Droid Incredible and Droid 2 Global we showed you seemed to be received fairly well.  Anyone interested in grabbing one?  Here is our review on the Fascinate in case the current Droid lineup isn’t making you hot enough.

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Samsung Fascinate Update Available Now, Well Maybe?

The Samsung Fascinate update that sort of slipped under the radar yesterday amidst the explosion that was the Droid X 2.2 update appears to be available.  Well to some people.  I unfortunately am not one.  Has it been pulled?  Am I just unlucky?  Remember that Samsung allows you to “pull” updates similarly to the way you can with Blur and the Droid X.

From your phone visit:  Settings>About>System Updates>Check New

Details of the update can be found here.

Anyone find the update still?

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Update Coming for Samsung Fascinate, It’s Not Android 2.2

On the same day that we broke the news on the Droid X 2.2 update, an update appears to be on the horizon for the Samsung Fascinate as well only it’s not quite as big of a deal.  Fascinate owners will not be receiving Android 2.2, but will instead see a few other bugs fixed.  It looks like VZW is hacking away at that ugly list of known bugs that snuck out just after launch.

And so Fascinate owners know, you can “pull” updates just like DX owners can with Blur.

Don’t forget to check out our full review of the Samsung Fascinate in case you missed it.

Update:  It looks like 2.2 might be coming in October though.  Check this post.

More info on the update here.

Verizon Fascinate Deal is Actually “Buy One, Get ANY Phone”?

Sorry that I didn’t find this out for you sooner, but you may want to hold off on those internet orders for a Samsung Fascinate for now.  Why you ask?  Because the device hits stores tomorrow and they are not simply running a BOGO offer like is, they are running a BOGA offer, meaning “buy one get ANY” phone of equal or lesser value.  So what does that mean exactly? You can buy a Fascinate for your girlfriend (sorry had to) and get a Droid X for yourself.  Win.