Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik Shows Off CM 10.1 Loaded Up on Galaxy S4


Development for the Galaxy S4 is taking off by leaps and bounds now that the device is landing in the hands of developers. And you know it’s going to be a good time when the founder of CyanogenMod, Steve Kondik takes to Google+ to show off Samsung’s newest flagship running a build of his custom firmware. Along with his post, he says, “Definitely not supporting the S4.” Oh, that guy sure has some knee slappers.  (more…)

Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik Talks Galaxy S4 While Leaving Job at Samsung


Back in the summer of 2011, Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik took a software engineer job with Samsung, a move that many thought was a sign of the end of his increasingly popular CyanogenMod ROM. At the time, Steve assured the world that work on CM would continue, and sure enough, it has continued to thrive throughout his time at Android’s number one OEM. So how is his time at Samsung playing out? In a post last night on his Google+ account, Kondik made a new announcement (well, sort of) with regard to his status at Samsung, saying that he has left his job “but not because of anything in particular” and that Samsung was “great.” He’s looking to accomplish something new, which he may or may not have hinted as happening in a “couple of months.”  (more…)

Will Your Device Receive Some CyanogenMod 9 Love? This Flowchart Lays Out Your Options

Who knows when the carriers will start getting official Ice Cream Sandwich updates out to phones. A long standby for the Android community has been being able to fall back on CyanogenMod when official updates were nowhere to be found. CM9 is in the works and has already hit the Google Experience devices in way of nightlies but are you wondering if it will get to your phone anytime soon? This nifty chart will explain what goes into making CM9 for a device and if yours will get it. (more…)

CyanogenMod Team Releases Update On Progress Of CM9

If you feel like you are the only person to notice that there hasn’t been a huge amount of CyanogenMod 9 builds for the vast amount of Android devices released, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. With previous versions of Android, you could see CM ported to practically any device you could imagine. From the newest blog update on the releases of CM9, we get the feeling that the CyanogenMod team definitely has their work cut out for themselves this time with Ice Cream Sandwich:

Since Android 4.0 is such a major change from 2.3, we started with a fresh codebase from Google and have been forward-porting features from CM7 with an eye on design and better integration. This is a somewhat time-consuming process, but it allows us to rethink everything. We’ve eliminated the CMParts app, instead choosing to add our custom features directly into the main settings. We are also taking a “just works” approach when it comes to configuration- CM7 had too many options that just weren’t widely used. We hope to achieve a good balance between tweakability and a great out-of-the-box experience. I want your phone or tablet to feel like it should have come with CM9.

So far, many owners of anything besides a Nexus handset or purely Vanilla device such as the Motorola XOOM, have not received CyanogenMod 9. I wouldn’t say there will ever be riots of people demanding its release, but you can most certainly sense the yearn for the custom OS in the development threads of various forums. The CM team has always said that as soon as they know, the users will know. We’ll keep you posted.

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Founder Of CyanogenMod Offers An Update On The Development Of CM9, Original DROID No Longer Supported

“Never ask for ETAs.”  Probably the most well known quote from the CyanogenMod Team.  It makes sense though, seeing that greatness can not be rushed.  Well I wouldn’t call this an actual ETA, but Cyanogen himself has gone ahead and posted up a blog letting everyone know their plans for distribution of CM9 – the newest custom ROM offering based on Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich.  According to Cyanogen, thanks to changes Google has made in their code, the CyanogenMod Team is going to be working extra hard to create working builds for multiple devices.  Little hiccups like this have never stopped them before.  No need for worry there.  (more…)

Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik Hired By Samsung As Software Engineer

Twitter blew up last night after the announcement through Steve Kondik’s Facebook that he had joined the Samsung team. Steve is better know as “Cyanogen”, and is the leader of the extremely popular custom ROM team, CyanogenMod. After the announcment, Steve assured his many followers that this will not be the end CM, and that it will now become a side project for him, while still maintaining a leadership role at CM.

Android Guys was able to snag this quote:

…it’s a job and I’m glad that I can use what I learned from all this to do something cool in the real world :) I’ll still be doing code review and some leadership for CM, but I’ll be keeping it legit like always…I think we really broke away from the modding community. Most of us are professional engineers or in the field some way or another.

We wish Steve the best of luck at Samsung, and also would like to wish the rest of the CM team luck. We would also like to give a shout out to Samsung for seeing the extreme talent these guys possess.

Update: This tweet was just sent out by Sammy. Cheers Mark!

@SamsungMobileUS: There’s a new face at Samsung, AND HE IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST ANDROID DEVs IN THE WORLD! Learn about @cyanogen:
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CM7 Pre-Alpha Available for the HTC Thunderbolt, Time to Ditch Sense for Stock

If Sense 2.0 on the HTC Thunderbolt is not your cup of Android tea, then prepare yourselves for stock goodness with CyanogenMod 7.  A pre-alpha build started to make the rounds over the weekend and while it has a handful of expected issues, most brave testers are enjoying the heck out of it.  Again, this is pre-alpha, but it’s looking like we’ll be adding the Tbolt to the list of CM devices that we throw coverage at.

Who’s been testing it already?  Would love to hear your thoughts.   (more…)