Custom Theme Friday: Nexus Plus for AOKP Build 28 or Rootzboat 8.2

Even if we posted a new custom theme for the Galaxy Nexus every day for the remainder of the year, I don’t think we would be able to post them all. There is such a strong and passionate developer community surrounding this device that reminds us so much of the good ‘ol OG DROID days. The next theme we are spotlighting is Nexus Plus, which will run on top of the Android Open Kang Project’s Build 28 ROM or Rootzboat 8.2. Both of which are fantastic ROM choices for Nexus owners.  (more…)

Custom Theme Friday: Gray and Red for Android Open Kang Project Milestone 4

Gray and red may not be two colors that one would think go together, but it surprisingly looks pretty good. If you have a Galaxy Nexus and are running the Android Open Kang Project’s Milestone 4 build then you might benefit from checking this one out. Big shout out to Zathus over at RootzWiki for going with something out of the ordinary and new.  (more…)

Custom Theme Friday: Glowing Green for Android Open Kang Project

Custom ROMs are great for having a ton of extra features and abilities, but what about when you want to change the look of your entire handset. That’s where custom themes take over. This particular one called Glowing Green, comes from developer Kevin3328 and it will make your Galaxy Nexus stand out bright green in a sea of blues.

Turning all system controls and apps into a nice bright shade of green will be perfect for those people who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day throughout the year. And with the greenest of all the holidays coming up, now would be a good time to flash it. Below we have installation instructions and the zip files for you to download and install.  (more…)

Custom Theme Friday: Retro Droid For CM7 Theme Chooser

A few days ago I went on a hunt for a retro feel for my Nexus S. I stumbled on some pictures of good ‘ol Froyo, and thought to myself how that might look. I started searching the Market for a Froyo CM7 theme, but with no avail. I went to Twitter and asked my followers if they knew where to find one. Huge props to M1ghtySauc3 for finding this for me.

If you want to remember how Froyo looked (but not felt), then definitely check this ‘theme’ out. Sometimes, you have to relive the past to appreciate the present. “Bubble icons FTW.”

Download: RetroDroid.apk

Via: XDA

Custom Theme Friday: RaidZero Delivers The Entire Color Spectrum For “NRG”

Just a couple weeks ago I showed you the newest theme to hit the streets by Paul aka “RaidZero“. Well, he is now offering all the major colors for everyone’s downloading delight on the Android Market. I have been fortunate enough to test and try out all the different colors, and they are definitely going to stay on my phone for a while.  (more…)

Custom Theme Friday: Five Kovdev Themes For ADW EX And LauncherPro Plus

We’re quite fond of the developers like Koveleski and Tha Phlash who are always bringing us new ways to make our phones sparkle with custom goodness. What’s so great about these different themes is that you don’t even have to be rooted to enjoy them, and all you need is a home replacement launcher such as LauncherPro Plus and ADW EX.

We’re going to post links to just five, but they have a very large list of themes, with even more on the horizon. You can check out some really awesome work that they have planned by visiting Tha Phlash’s website, here. (more…)

Custom Theme Friday: DropTheme For CM7

We’re not shy to show our love for DropTheme. It’s been one our favorites for a long time, and now that it has been ported to the CM7 theme chooser in the market, it makes enjoying these themes so much more easy on all of our devices. And if you’re one of our newest CM7 users due to the release of CM4DX, then definitely check these out. There’s a few basic colors to choose from so far, including all the classics. Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow have been a landmark in the theme world.

Here’s the links and more pictures.  (more…)

Download: Gingerbread Theme For OG DROID

I officially declare myself a theme wh*re and am currently seeking attention. I didn’t think I would jump on the bandwagon for getting my phone to look like Gingerbread as quickly as I did. But, what can I say? The UI is sexy! I asked my good buddy Koveleski of DarkEdge, if he could whip something up for me. He obliged and did a great job. Thanks Dave! I owe you.

He asked which ROM it should be for. Well here’s another shout out to CVPCS and Sniffle on the Sapphire Team. Thanks for making a great DROID ROM! I chose Sapphire 1.1 because of the sheer smoothness that comes along with this ROM. But don’t worry everybody! You will see this shortly on every other ROM for the DROID. I got your backs.

After the jump, I’ll have some instructions and download links for you if you wanna join me down the Gingerbread road. (more…)