XDA Makes Beats By Dre Flashable To Any Sense 3.0 Or 3.5 ROM

Up until now, we have seen XDA provide us with ROMs that have Beats by Dre cooked into them for your music listening pleasure, but the problem still stood, what if you liked your current ROM? Well we now have a fix for that.

There is a flashable zip a the source link below that will allow Beats to work with any Sense 3.0 and up-based ROM. The installation is as easy as booting into recovery and flashing the file and rebooting. User smokin1337, who came up with this file warns you that the first boot might take a while and as always, make a backup before you flash something like this.

Via: XDA

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine Unveil New Wireless Beats Headphones, HTC Tablet Integration on the Way?

You knew it would come eventually, right? HTC wasn’t just going to stop with smartphones that were equipped with Beats by Dre technology, they had to bring it to tablets too.

In an interview with the press yesterday to discuss their new line of headphones, Beats gurus Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre spoke on the importance of pairing their products with tablets. The weird thing here was listening to Jimmy talk about “the heads of the company that makes that thing” when referring to, what we are assuming is HTC and their tablets. He would not for whatever reason, mention them by name. Sounds like he’s really invested in this partnership, eh?

During the video we have attached below though, you will see a ton of shots of the HTC Flyer with a massive beats logo on it as well as it paired with some of their new wireless headphones. When you purchase the soon-to-be-announced HTC devices that come Beats-equipped, these are the headphones you will likely see. During years of testing, they finally found a way to make sound over Bluetooth live up to their standards.   (more…)

Sprint Going LTE, HTC Beats Event, Nexus S Android 2.3.6 Update [from AL]

Today in other Android news…

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HTC Rhyme in Plum Available for Pre-order at Target September 21, Illuminating Charm Included

The HTC Rhyme (formerly known as the Bliss) will be available for pre-order at indirect Target outlets this Wednesday, September 21.  The device, which is clearly being targeted at women, will come in “plum” instead of that awful chewed-seaweed green that we once saw it in.  It will have the fancy little charm dangly thingy so that you will know when your phone is ringing or has just received a message while in your purse.  There will be “tangle free” headphones tossed in and a new-school docking station that we have not seen for any other HTC device in the past.

Update:  We initially thought this would just go out to indirect Verizon stores, but after seeing the sign-up page go live just minutes ago, we are now thinking this will be a much bigger release.

The specs won’t blow you away, but aren’t awful:  3.7″ display, front and rear cameras, and Android 2.3. Pre-orders will begin on Wednesday the 21st for $50 and there is a better-than-average chance of announcement for the phone at tomorrow’s HTC event in NYC.  The colors of the press invitation certainly would lead us to believe it’s going down.   (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Up for Pre-order, AT&T Launches LTE Network, Runnymede is the “Bass” [from AL]

A lot of HTC device talk has been filling up the Android world both at DL and at our brother site.  With an event scheduled for September 20 in NYC, you can bet we will see a number of these unveiled officially. In other news, another carrier is preparing to launch their first 5 LTE cities this weekend – only 138 behind Verizon.

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New Wireless Beats by Dre Headphones for Mobile Devices Land at the FCC

Just after HTC announced a new partnership with Beats by Dre, we started to wonder if there would be changes to the headphones that they produce since well, the current versions are not made to work properly with Android devices (at least to receive calls anyway).  According to a new FCC filing, a revamped and wireless version that can pair via Bluetooth is on the way, which we are assuming means it has been tweaked to allow for more than just iPhone calling.

One of the first HTC devices that is rumored to be receiving Beats support is the Vigor, a phone that we have the first pictures of here.  We were told to expect the first devices with Beats some time in the “Fall”, so I would say that October 6 is still in play thanks to this FCC filing.

Wireless Beats for your Vigor?  Yes, please.  Unless of course it gets earbuds and not the ones pictured above.

Via:  FCC, Wireless Goodness

HTC Rhyme is the ADR6330 and Headed to Verizon, XOOM LTE Lands on MAP List at $499

A new MAP (minimum advertised price) list popped into our inbox this afternoon featuring a couple of semi-new devices that are worth mentioning.  The first is the HTC Rhyme which we first outed back in early August as the ADR6330.  We know almost nothing about this device other than the fact that the model number fits somewhere between the HTC Merge (ADR6325) and DROID Incredible 2 (ADR6350).  So if we go off of those previous two devices (and $199 price), I would say it’s a mid-range Android device that could end up being global.  We heard rumors a few months back about a new HTC slider (yep, keyboard) that had global capabilities – maybe this is it.  Or it could also be the oddly colored green HTC Bliss.  Oh, and the name itself certainly hints at it having Beats by Dre goodies built in.  Would certainly love to see a pair of headphones included.

The second thing we wanted to point out is the listing of the XOOM LTE for what appears to be a $499 2-year contract price.  If we are reading that list correctly, then it would suggest that this new 4G LTE XOOM could launch around next Thursday with the DROID Bionic.  And why is that significant?  Well, because all of the early adopters of the 3G XOOM are not going to have 4G in their device by then.  Yikes.

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New HTC Sensation Will Have Beats Integration, HD Screen and a Bigger Battery – Sounds Similar to the Vigor [from AL]

A new HTC Sensation outed by the folks at CNET has almost identical specs to those that we expect to see in the Vigor here in the states on Verizon.  While we clearly trust our source that provided us with these detailed specs, this is a pretty solid second confirmation that they were spot on and that the HTC Vigor (first pictures of it) will most definitely be a beast.  We were told that it will sport a 4.3″ HD screen, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, and Beats by Dre integration – all matching this leak of the new Sensation.

Even better though, is the fact that this phone along with another from HTC, will both include some form of Beats Audio headphones or earbuds.  The new Sensation is getting earbuds, while some are also set to include full ear covering Beats Solo headphones.  No telling yet what the Vigor will come equipped with, but the earbuds seem more likely knowing that this very similar device is as well.

More on the new Sensation over at Android Life.