OnePlus Unveils Bamboo StyleSwap Cover for $49, Opens Up 5,000 New Invites

OnePlus, creators of what has become one of the most controversial phones of all time, unveiled its first StyleSwap cover for its flagship One, last night. For those new to StyleSwap covers, these are the removable/replaceable back plates that you can hot-swap onto your device to give it new life. OnePlus originally announced that materials like denim, kevlar, and exotic woods would arrive at some point down the road. Bamboo is the first and will be available in August for $49.  (more…)

New Moto X Wood Backs Coming January 21, Will Only Cost $25 Extra Instead of $100

This morning, Motorola shot out emails to purchasers of the Moto X with Bamboo, informing them that they have been able to streamline their processes for natural backs, thus resulting in them offering additional materials at a lower cost. In other words, Ebony, Walnut, and Teak “finishes” are now on the way (no more Rosewood) and will only run an additional $25, rather than the original $100 premium asking price.  (more…)

Moto X With Bamboo: Unboxing and Hands-on

The Moto X with Bamboo. There she is in all her glory. Our unit arrived especially early, at least earlier than we had expected after Motorola’s announcement this week. All I can say after five minutes with the phone is that it certainly is beautifully made. We’re talking about a phone that features a real wood back here (“grass” for the technical folk). With wood or “natural” backs, no two phones should ever be alike. How often can you say that with a consumer electronic?  (more…)

Some Moto X With Bamboo Orders Shipping Earlier Than Expected

Yesterday, Motorola finally made their first wood option available for the Moto X through MotoMaker. While we would have loved to see Ebony, Teak, and Rosewood also make the cut, we’re fine with Bamboo for now and even ordered a 32GB model. At the time of purchase, we were told not to expect the device until January 6 or “early January.” We made sure you were aware as well, that “Natural” backs likely require more time for assembly, so should you have opted for Bamboo, it wouldn’t arrive in time for X-mas.

In what can only be perceived as good news, we just received an update on our order saying that Motorola was able to “work some magic” and plans to have ours delivered on or before 12/27. So there is a chance! For us, we really just care that it arrives before the original date, which would have meant we were in Vegas for CES and not able to receive the package. But for the rest of you, assuming the magic is happening for more than just our order, you may have a wonderful X-mas surprise after all.  (more…)

Tuesday Poll: Does a Wood Phone Interest You?

Four months after introducing the Moto X at a press event in NYC, Motorola has delivered on one promise made that I’m not sure the world really expected it would ever need to see fulfilled. I’m talking about wood backs on phones, of course. Can any of us safely say that we ever imagined owning a phone made up of the natural material? I can’t. That’s not to say that owning a phone made of Bamboo, Rosewood, Ebony, or Teak wouldn’t be cool, it’s just that the thought of it hadn’t ever crossed my mind. Whether or not I had dreamed of wood is inconsequential at this point though, since Motorola has made Bamboo readily available for their Moto X through MotoMaker.

They didn’t exactly deliver all four originally promised wood options, but again, Bamboo is available now. And that brings us to today’s poll, which we realized only today that we had yet to ask. Does a real wood back on a phone even interest you? Over the last few months, we’ve talked quite a bit about wood and paying a premium for it. But now that Bamboo is ready, we get the feeling that not everyone is willing to pull the trigger.

That could be because Bamboo wasn’t the option you had in mind. It could also be that you are worried about the durability of wood, the extra $100 you’d pay to have it on a phone, or something else. Or maybe it’s exactly what you wanted and you have already placed your order. Maybe?

In the poll below, we aren’t exactly focusing on the Moto X. We want to know – in general – how you feel about phones made with wood. It could be the next Galaxy phone or whatever HTC is cooking up, but we want to know if you would buy a phone that uses wood.

Does a phone made with wood interest you?

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Moto X With Bamboo: Everything You Need to Know

Now that the Moto X is available with a Bamboo back, we can imagine you have questions. Since this is the first phone that we can think of to feature wood, real wood, you are probably wondering what the phone will look like, how long it’ll take to arrive, if you can exchange your current Moto X for one, and most importantly, if other materials are on the way.

In short, the Moto X with Bamboo costs an additional $100 over regular MotoMaker made devices and more than likely will not arrive until January. The Bamboo is indeed real, so no two phones will be alike. There are other materials on the way, however, Motorola has nothing to announce at this time and made no mention of Rosewood, Ebony, and Teak, the other materials we were initially told about during the phone’s August launch.

To get the rest of your questions answered, we have included the official Moto X Bamboo FAQ below.  (more…)

Moto X Now Available in Wood, Bamboo Only at This Time for $100 (UPDATED)

And wood (“Natural”) is live as an option for the Moto X! Well, sort of. Bamboo just showed up on MotoMaker, however, it is listed as an “online exclusive” and “not available.” I’d imagine that Motorola is about the flip the switch though.

We are a little disappointed to only see Bamboo at this time, as we were told during launch to expect other options like Rosewood, Ebony, and Teak.

Stick with us, we’ll be updating this post!  (more…)

ADzero’s Bamboo Android Phone Possibly Launching Later This Year

Designed by a student in the UK who was sick of the lack of variety in the smartphone market (no not RIM’s CEO), the ADzero could end up as the world’s first all bamboo phone. With backers in China and a model that can be put on display at trade shows, the team behind this eco-friendly phone hopes to launch some time in 2012.

Hardware details are scarce, but from photos we can see that the phone matches up in size to the current Android players around. In fact, it looks a lot like an HTC Thunderbolt only one that is made of bamboo. The other significant thing to note is that the device is ultra lightweight thanks to its build materials. ADzero is also mentioning some some sort of new camera technology called “ring flash” that isn’t available on any other phone. The phone will run a “custom” version of Android. Interesting.

I will say that the phone is beautiful to look at. The idea that a phone could be made of all bamboo, remain ultra lightweight, and run Android is at least worth talking about. Tough to tell if it will ever become a reality though. We have yet to see the phone turn on.  (more…)