Google Assistant is a More Personalized Google Search Experience

Google is essentially rebranding Google Now and the overall Google Search experience for individual users, announcing Google Assistant at this year’s Google I/O developer conference. Unlike the 1-way conversations we have with Google right now, Assistant is a 2-way conversation between you and Google. Contextually aware, Assistant builds on the progress Google has already made to make Search smarter.

As an example for Assistant, a user could search for SF Giants, then be met with all of the information they need regarding that baseball team. Once complete, suggestions will be shown for the SF Giants, such as roster, ticket sales, and more. From here, Assistant knows that you want information pertaining to the SF Giants, so it will recommend other detailed Giants information from the web, YouTube, and other sources. The same can be done for a movie that is in theaters, or other events taking place.  (more…)

SoundHound Announces “Hound” Personal Assistant App

Looking for a personal assistant app on Android outside of the combination of Google Now and Google Voice Search? SoundHound introduced an app today called Hound that wants to be just that. It’s currently an invite-only service, but if their promo video is to be believed, this might be a solid option, especially if it can really keep up with natural language the way it claims to.  (more…)

Schemer: Google’s Least Known App Looks to Help You Accomplish Big Things

If you search apps made by Google on the Play Store you’ll get some pretty big hits: Gmail, Google Search, Maps and Youtube are all prominently displayed on the front page. Second page brings you apps like Google+, Play Music and Google Voice which are all still part of Google’s large portfolio of well-used apps. If you head over to the last page you’ll see an app named “Schemer” buried in with the barely installed apps that Google has made. You would never know it unless you looked, but Schemer is Google’s attempt to get you up off the couch and living your dreams. Google even looks to be putting as much time into it as they are on Google+. (more…)

Google Prepping Semantic Search Results, Will Make Google Assistant That Much Smarter

Search, the cornerstone that Google is built on is getting ready to receive an overhaul pretty soon. Coming “over the next months” are semantic search results that can tell what you are looking for based on how and where you type it. The difference between searching for “an apple” or the the company Apple will be more apparent to the search engine and should make things much easier to find.

Aside from using the search functions on our browsers, where can we expect to see this? Google Assistant will most certainly make use of this feature whenever it rolls out. It seems inevitable that the two become closely related because the applications primary function will be to find things for you. One of the biggest complaints of Siri is that she is a “dumb search engine” that doesn’t always recognize what the user is looking for. Could this give Google the leg up in the voice actions department?

Via: PhoneArena

Google’s Siri Competitor Officially Dubbed “Assistant”?

Once running under the codename “Majel,” Google has reportedly settled on an official name for their Siri-like competitor. That name is Assistant. Most of the dirty details surrounding this service are a mystery, however, TechCrunch believes it to be more of a “Do Engine” that would help you achieve real-life goals rather than something that will simply return search results.

According to their sources, the Android team has taken this project on with search engineer Amit Singhal to attempt to gather the world’s knowledge into a format that a computer can understand. They also want to make the service adhere to your personal life more, potentially using services like Google+ and +1 to help understand how people interact socially.

Unlike Siri though, Google will provide developers with the opportunity to tie in their products to Assistant, a move that could make the service unlike any other. Siri will always be bound to Apple’s vision, while Assistant could grow thanks to outside influences and innovators.

Google big wigs are look at a Q4 2012 unveiling of the product. While that seems so far off in the distance, remember that Google I/O with an additional 3rd day is happening in June. If Assistant is indeed launching this year, you have to imagine that we will see some sort of preview during that week. Also, Q4 is when we will likely see Jelly Bean or Android 5.0.

Via:  TechCrunch