Easter Edition of Angry Birds Seasons is Now Available

The update for the Easter edition of Angry Birds Seasons that was previewed by Rovio yesterday is now available on the Android Market.  Not sure about Amazon yet, so those if you with the ad-free may have to wait it out just a bit.  The update itself though, brings 15 new levels, another 3 that look to be unlockable through Twitter, and some special golden eggs.  Another solid update to this franchise of silly games that so many just can’t seem to get enough of.

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Easter Edition of Angry Birds Seasons First Screenshots Arrive

An Easter edition of Angry Birds Seasons is supposed to be arriving next week and will include 15 new levels and possibly a couple of extras that may somehow be tied into Facebook.  The team over at Rovio sure seems to be working extra hard these days to try to keep people excited about their games.  Regular updates like these will certainly help.  So until next week arrives though, enjoy these 4 screenshots of the new version that went live on the interwebs yesterday.   (more…)

Angry Birds Seasons Easter Update Coming Soon, Rio and Regular in May

If you are just now finishing up the St. Patty’s Angry Birds Seasons update, you might not want to put your device down as an Easter edition is right around the corner according to game maker Rovio.  With Easter falling on the 24th of this month, we could probably target the week of the 20th for a release, couldn’t we?

Oh and if you were wondering about Angry Birds Rio or the regular edition, they’ll be seeing updates some time in May.  So yeah, no slowage of flying birds any time soon.

Via:  Twitter, Android Community

Angry Birds Rio Lands on Android Market

We’re hoping to make this the last Angry Birds post of any kind for a while, although that probably won’t happen because Rovio seems to keep pumping out new titles and variations by the second which many of you still can’t seem to get enough of.  So yeah, Angry Birds Rio (with ads) is available now on the Android Market for FREE, but again, the ad-free version from Amazon is still available without cost.  Choices, choices.

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Angry Birds Rio Headed to Android Market with Ads this Week

Still trying your hardest to hold out from purchasing or downloading anything from the new Amazon Appstore including Angry Birds Rio?  Your hold out is about to pay off, well for AB Rio at least.  Rovio announced today via Facebook that the latest addition to their Angry Birds lineup will be available (with ads) for free on the Android Market later this week…

Angry Birds Rio Free will launch later this week in Android Market, as soon as we fix a couple of issues. Squawk! The ad-free version is available exclusively in the Amazon Appstore, where you can download it for free for a limited time. Massive thanks to all Angry Birds fans who already downloaded the game! How are you enjoying it so far?

Not sure I understand why anyone would deny the ad-free version which is free from Amazon right now, but some people love to make points.  So keep an eye out for AB Rio in a market near you!

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Angry Birds Seasons is Free and Ad-free from Amazon Today

Here is your chance to put a stop to that awful lag that’s experienced whenever you play Angry Birds Seasons and an advertisement pops up.  The ad-free version is…FREE, today through the Amazon appstore!  And just so you know, this will replace your currently installed ad-blasted version, but will not overwrite any settings or gameplay.  After installing, you’ll be right where you left off.

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Video: Angry Birds the Movie [Spoof]

Anyone up for Angry Birds the movie?  Yeah, me neither.  But this spoof trailer from the guys at Rooster Teeth is actually good for a couple of laughs even if it does mention that fruity app jukebox phone from the other side.  The drill sergeant/boss almost ruins it and is the most unfunny character of the entire thing, but once you see the birds for the first time you’ll…well, just watch it and see for yourself.  And no, this has nothing to do with Angry Birds Rio.   (more…)