Angry Birds Space is Available Now in the Google Play Store

Today is the day for Angry Birds Space. It popped up on the Google Play Store late last night around 1AM, ready for your love. I’d attempt to break it down all in-depth with hands-on and all that fun, but come on, it’s Angry Birds. You guys know the game, this one just has zero gravity and a few other little twists. Same game, new setting. Go get it. Free or “premium” versions (which we hope means ad-free).

Play Links:  Free | Premium ($0.99)

Angry Birds Seasons Introduces Summer Pignic Episode – Coming Soon

Get your extra large towel, sunblock and man-kini ready – Angry Birds Seasons is taking you to the beach this summer.  The next episode has been dubbed “Summer Pignic” and includes sand, sunglasses and of course, tanned pigs.  Another welcomed edition by AB fanatics who have already cruised through Mine and Dine.  Check out the preview after the break.   (more…)

New Angry Birds Rio Levels Teased, Carnival Episode on the Way

Rovio just got done announcing a new set of levels for the regular Angry Birds and only days later is teasing the next release for Rio.  Will this crazy slingshotting birds train ever slow down?  Oh, and you should try to ignore the fact that the teaser says this new Carnival episode is available “now”, and instead look toward the end of the month (or maybe this week?) for a release.   (more…)

New Angry Birds “Mine and Dine” Episode on the Way

Been a while since we’ve had an update to the regular Angry Birds, hasn’t it?  Fans of the game will be pleased with news of an impending update that’ll introduce a new episode called “Mine and Dine.”  I’m sure you always had dreamed of playing Angry Birds in a cave with hard hats, bombs, rocks, and other explosives, right?  It looks like you’ll get your chance with this latest set of levels which will be arriving “soon.”   (more…)

Angry Birds Rio Updated in Android Market, Beach Volley Levels Included

Nothing says it’s Almost Summer like Angry Birds Rio being updated with the Volley Ball levels. Back on the 6th it was teased for us and then released to Amazon exclusively, but now you can grab it from the Android Market for free (ad-supported of course). No more exclusive.

What’s everyone’s current thoughts on having applications like this split between the two markets? In the end, does it really affect how we get our products? There shouldn’t be anything wrong with a little healthy competition as long as the developers don’t mind and they keep developing and updating apps.  Don’t we the users continue to win?   (more…)

New Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley Episode Gets Previewed

We had yet to find out what the theme of the new Angry Birds Rio update for next week would be, but thanks to a preview video uploaded to Rovio’s Youtube account today, we get a full 48 second look.  Beach Volley is the title, and as you can see is set on a sunny beach with loads of monkeys.  Should be another wild addition that I’m sure many of you will pound through in less than 20 minutes.   (more…)

Angry Birds Rio Update Lands Next Week

Another Angry Birds update is on the way, this time for the Rio edition.  Since it’s May now, the new set of levels will be made available just as the game hinted towards back at release.  No idea what the theme will focus on, but going off of the previous two playable levels, we’ll likely see some new animals to attack.  The announcement was made via Facebook:

Squawk! Hold on to your hats, people: the first update for Angry Birds Rio lands next week! Get ready for more marmoset-mauling action and more juicy secrets to discover. Did you already find all the Golden Pineapples and Bananas?

And we’re just guessing here, but since the game was originally launched through Amazon, we’ll assume it’ll hit that market first.  But, there is an ad-spammed version in the regular Android Market that will likely see it as well, so just keep an eye for both.

Via:  Facebook