In Depth: GO Launcher EX

In my 11 months here at Droid Life, it’s become apparent that most of our community use one of two different home replacement tools: LauncherPro or ADW Launcher. It’s gotten to the point that these tools are deemed essential to Android users because of the additions they bring to an otherwise boring Android home screen. That one row of buttons adds a lot of functionality and saves a lot of space; something that’s precious on a stock 4×4 grid.

Naturally, when a new home replacement comes along, it’s easy to dismiss it. How could it even come close to the “big two?” However, I urge you to read on: GO Launcher is no half-assed effort.   (more…)

ADW EX Updated, Now Supports Custom Docks

An update for ADW EX is available and brings a feature that many of you have been waiting for, support for custom docks.  Some additional tweaks were also added that allow even more customization, but the docks are the star of the show this time.  In fact, a small catalog of docks was included which you can see pictured above.  It’s hard to think that this home replacement could get any better, but I’m sure it will.

To access the custom docks:  Menu>ADW Settings>UI Settings>Main Dock>Dock Background

Full changelog below.   (more…)

ADW Launcher EX Released with Window Animations, New Drawers, Tons of Enhancements

There are some other players in the launcher game these days, but when it all comes down to it, ADW Launcher and LauncherPro are still my first two choices.  And  guess what?  ADW just went “pro” with an EX version that in my opinion, brings it right up there with LP.  In this new EX, you’ll find a ton of enhancements, features and even some stuff that most of you have never seen before.  It will cost you $3.43, but you won’t be disappointed.   (more…)

Gingerbread Theme for ADW Launcher by Koveleski

Here we are again. Back to show you how to make your phone look like something that isn’t even out yet. Last week we gave you everything that was available:  Icons, themes for ROMs, and everything in between. Our good friend Koveleski, who just can’t seem to stop releasing good material for the community, has added to the fun.

He just recently launched this theme for ADW and has already become top honored on AppBrain. Isn’t that sweet? So after the jump we’ll provide the QR code and Market link for you to enjoy as well if you bat for team ADW.   (more…)

ADW Can Play Too – Special Guest Koveleski of DarkEdge

We here at Droid-Life are completely madly in love with making our phones look exactly how we want them to look. Isn’t that why we love Android to begin with? Choosing which Launcher is a big part of that. There are only a few big names that everyone is familiar with, but LauncherPro, and ADW stand on top. LauncherPro features seemingly endless customization features. But there are some misconceptions about ADW’s abilities as well. So I give you…WP7 for ADW Launcher and another nice surprise.

Read (more…)

ADW Launcher Updated to V1.2.0, ADW Notifier Also Released

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about ADW Launcher and I guess that’s because it’s been a while since this bad boy was updated.  ADW, which many consider to be the only competitor to LauncherPro is now on V1.2.0 and includes some nice new features like dynamic widget resizing, custom launcher actions, and support for unlimited app catalogs.  (Full change log can be found here.)   (more…)

ADW Launcher Hits Android Market

On Tuesday we were bragging to rooted users about the latest release of the ADW Launcher and how it had a Froyo feel to it plus some of the options featured on the LauncherPro.  Well guess what non-roots?  The developer made it available in the Android Market to everyone.  Yay!

No need for an additional full writeup on the dozens of options it has; you can find that here.



Download Link

ADW Launcher Update Brings Some Froyo

The ADW Launcher received another update yesterday to bring it closer to the quality of the LauncherPro and its animated app drawer.  Which is better?  LauncherPro still appears to be faster, but if you want a Froyo look-a-like, then ADW is a great choice.

*Rooted users only.

Instructions for installation…

*Note 1* – I was unable to manually install this onto JRummy’s ROM, but he includes it as an option in his customizer.  It may be 2 builds behind, but still resembles Froyo.

1.  Download the file compatible with your system:

2.  Open ROM Manager and choose “Reboot into recovery.”
3.  Select “install zip from sdcard.”
4.  Select “choose zip from sdcard.”
5.  Scroll down and select “ADW.Launcher….zip.”
6.  After it finishes installing, hit the power button to return one menu.
7.  Reboot your phone.
8.  Choose the “Home” launcher when prompted.
9.  Done!

Changelog: ADW Things

Cheers @absanchito!