AcDisplay Receives Major Update to v2.1 – New UI and New Features

AcDisplay, an app we have become bigs fans of thanks to its Moto X-like abilities, received a major update to version 2.1 today that introduces a new UI and all sorts of other new features. This new version is currently only in beta, but after helping test the app over the last couple of days, I can tell you that it works quite well in its current state.

So what’s new? Well, since the last time we wrote up the app, all sorts of stuff.  (more…)

Paranoid Android ROM Announces Active Display-like Feature Called Peek

Late last evening, when most folks were already snoozing, the Paranoid Android team announced Peek, an Active Display-like feature, much like you would find on the Moto X.

Since the Moto X’s release, many ROMs and applications on Google Play have attempted to recreate Motorola’s magic with the feature. One which has caught our attention for a few weeks is AcDisplay. Anyone not rooted and ROM’ing can go ahead and check that app out.  (more…)

Moto X Feature Request: Dear Motorola, Please Copy AcDisplay’s Handling of Multiple Notifications

Yes, a new feature request is ready! A couple of weeks back, we ran our first feature request that begged for a third action button to be added to Gmail notifications. Today, we’re asking Motorola to take a serious look at how AcDisplay has taken the power of their Active Display feature from the Moto X and then improved upon it by allowing users to fully manage notifications.  (more…)

AcDisplay Brings Moto X Active Display-like Functionality to All Kit Kat Devices

It’s OK if you have secretly been jealous of the Active Display feature that we constantly talk about from the Moto X – it’s that great of a feature, especially for those of us who run through thousands of notifications per day. Be jealous no more, though, an app that runs on all Kit Kat devices and introduces part of Active Display’s functionality is now available on Google Play for free.

The app is called AcDisplay, and it really will bring a piece of Active Display to your non-Moto X. Using this app, you will see notifications light up your screen as they arrive and show as a circular icon with a timer ring, which is your chance to act on that notification before your screen times back out. If you’d like to act on the most recent notification, you can swipe up and into it. If you’d like to simply unlock your phone, you can do that by swiping down. As new notifications arrive, they will stack on the screen, though you can only act on the most recent.  (more…)