Right in Time for Google I/O, Android Developer’s Site Gets Facelift

Knowing that Google I/O is all about the developers, the official Android Developers website is sure to see lots of traffic in coming weeks. In anticipation of this spike in traffic, Google has just launched a newly redone site and so far, it looks fantastic. The site is based on the three steps that developers follow when creating applications: Design, Develop, and Distribute. Google has spent a lot of time making sure developers have everything they could possibly need to create the next big hit app for Android.

As a cute note, in the top right of the site, you will see the settings key and search function that you would on a device running Ice Cream Sandwich and they work just as they would on your phone or tablet. It’s a really fun site, so go check it out.

Android Developers Website

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Google Hints at Jelly Bean Goodies in Google I/O Application Screenshot?

There is buzz going around this morning, all surrounding the above screenshot that Google released to show off the widget in the newly launched Google I/O application. Whether all of these people need to go take a break from their computer screens or this is what Jelly Bean could come to look like, let’s go over what has people so curious.  (more…)

Google I/O App Updated With 2012 Sessions, One Week to Go!


If you still have the Google I/O app installed from last year, then you should have an update available to bring in the 2012 goodness. All of this year’s sessions are now loaded into it with descriptions, the indoor map takes you to where you need to go, and our excitement just jumped up another level. Did you realize that this is all going down next week? Next Wednesday to be exact. Nexus tablets. Jelly Bean. More Chrome OS stuff. Majel. And who knows what else. They added on a 3rd day for the first time ever, so this is going to be can’t miss tech stuff.

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Google’s Nexus Tablet Already Shipping, Will be Unveiled at I/O with Market Availability Beginning July

According to the newest report out of DigiTimes, Google and Asus’ Nexus tablet has already begun its journey from the factories and is on its way to San Francisco for the official unveiling at this year’s Google I/O. Once it is shown off to all of the press and developers in attendance, the tablet is said to be ready for purchase shortly after in July. And yes, it is being reported that the price will be set at $199.

Due to the low price, Google has opted out of a back-facing camera, but the tablet will feature a front-facing shooter for video conferencing or whatever purpose you may need it for. It will remain WiFi-only and come pre-loaded with Google’s Chrome for Android browser.

Now that we are getting closer to launch and have a better sense of what this device will offer consumers, are you starting to become more excited for it? At that $199 price point, we definitely are.

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Nexus 7 Tablet Takes Photo, Posts It to Picasa for EXIF Viewing Fun

Is this the first publicly posted camera shot from the upcoming Google Nexus 7 tablet? It could be. According to EXIF data for the photo, the device is made by Asus and is certainly called “Nexus 7.” The legitimacy of the photo is also backed a bit by the fact that the photo appears to have been taken on Google’s campus and that the man responsible for it is friends with all sorts of Googlers. Yes, you could fake this stuff, but we have seen phones outed like this for years now.

Most of the tech world is fully expecting this device to be announced at Google I/O next week and then released shortly after at around $199. So far, we saw the Nexus 7 appear in a benchmark, cruise through the FCC, potentially show itself through leaked press images, and get the nod from an anonymous Asus rep.

Everyone ready?

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Contest: Win 1 of 20 Tickets to Lookout’s “Party Your Apps Off” Google I/O Event on June 26 in San Francisco

If you are already going to be in San Francisco for Google I/O at the end of this month, then how would you like to come hang out with the DL crew at Lookout’s I/O party called “Party Your Apps Off”? The party is the night of Tuesday, June 26 at 8PM, and will feature plenty of good food (food truck style), unlimited drinks, Android-centric goodness, and even goodie bags for the first few people that show up at the door. The location is secret for now, but Lookout has assured us that it will be at one of SF’s hottest downtown spots. If you are going to be around, jump past the break for details on how to enter to win 1 of 20 tickets.  (more…)

Anonymous Asus Rep Confirms Nexus 7 Tablet, Ready in Time for Google I/O

At this year’s Computex event, a representative of Asus confirmed the partnership with Google in creating a Nexus “7” tablet that is to be ready for shipment by the end of this month. Further details such as Jelly Bean and the Tegra 3 were not confirmed, but with Google I/O taking place in the same time frame, it’s hard to see this as coincidence. This may not be official, but it is giving more cred to the previous rumors that mentioned the same thing.

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Google I/O Sessions Revealed – Yep, There is a Ton of Android Stuff

Google’s developer conference, better known as Google I/O, is just over a month away and the buzz is already starting to mount. To get us in the spirit (not that we weren’t already), Google released the sessions list for all 3 days, and of course, the list includes a bunch of Android topics. There are least 15 Android-specific sessions going down, some of which include topics like smoothing UIs, bettering apps, a fireside chat with the Android team (always a must see), and how to market apps in Google Play.

Other topics that may come out during keynotes or throughout the week would be the first look at Jelly Bean, the newly expanded Nexus program, more Google TV products, and maybe even advanced Android at Home projects. With Google adding on a 3rd day, it should be one hell of a week.

Tickets may have sold out, but Tim and I will be on hand to bring it all to you. Also, don’t forget that Google streams most of the action live these days, so you should be able to catch most of the fun via computer.

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