BLU Unveils Impressive Smartphones at Reasonable Price Points

BLU, a smartphone manufacturer based in Miami, Flordia, has been shattering preconceptions of budget handsets for a while, but its latest collection may be the company’s magnum opus. Yesterday, Blu unveiled the Vivo Air (pictured above), which measures at a mere 5.1mm thick and weighs less than 100 grams. The Studio Energy, meanwhile, packs a 5000 mAh battery, and its lower-end entries, the Studio and Life One series, sport upgraded hardware.  (more…)

HTC Posts First Profit in 3 Years, Mid-Range Models to Thank

If HTC’s latest financials are any indication, the company may no longer be in dire straits. The Taiwan-based OEM posted its first quarterly revenue growth in more than three years, an increase in sales to $47.9 billion ($1.5 billion) from $42.9 billion a year ago. HTC also beat analysts’ predictions of an operating loss, instead posting a profit of NT$180 million and net income of NT$470 million.  (more…)