Google Maps Engine Lite Becomes My Maps, Gains Upgrade Option for Old My Maps Creations

Last year in March, Google introduced Maps Engine Lite, a free and publicly available version of the search giant’s custom map creation tools for enterprise. It stood alone from Google’s My Maps, a simpler service, but the company promised the two services would eventually merge. A few months more than a year to the day, Google has finally delivered on that pledge. (more…)

HTC Reportedly Developing Waterproof Camera to Compete with GoPro, Others

According to Bloomberg, HTC is poised to enter the ruggedized camera market with a device designed to compete with products like the  GoPro 3.

The shooter, described by someone familiar with the device as “tube-shaped,” will reportedly be waterproof and feature a 16-megapixel sensor and ultra-wide lens. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios will facilitate connectivity between the camera, with both iOS and Android devices supported, plus a dedicated app may be available at launch.  (more…)

HTC Decouples Another System App, Adds Sense 6 Lock Screen to Google Play

HTC began separating apps from its firmware a bit ago, but it’s been a few months since we have seen any continuation of that trend. Today, the company gave the Sense 6 lock screen the decoupling treatment, adding an entry for it into Google Play.

It predictably isn’t compatible for any device that isn’t running Sense 6. For those who are, note that it requires a reboot after install.  (more…)