Snowball, a Universal Inbox for All of Your Messages

Snapchat. Facebook Messenger. Hangouts. Many of us deal with these chat apps and more on a daily basis, but having to navigate through multiple interfaces to send messages through each is, to put it lightly, less than optimal.

Snowball, a startup backed by Google Ventures, attempts to minimize the juggling by displaying messages from various apps in a single, e-mail inbox-like interface. Accessible via a floating icon which evokes Facebook’s Chat Heads, a pop-up list of your messages, ordered chronologically, makes keeping track of conversations across platforms a little bit easier. (more…)

Material Design Updates and Support for New APIs Come to Chrome Stable

Not everyone prefers to live on the bleeding edge. That is why Chrome users who favor reliability over experimental changes undergo a waiting period of a few weeks until said changes can be incorporated safely.

Well, the waiting may not have been worth it this time. An update bumps Chrome for Android up to version 38, but perceptible changes are few. (more…)

HTC Announces Desire Eye, Improves the Quality of Selfies With 13MP Front-facing Camera

HTC unveiled the Desire Eye this afternoon at the company’s Double Exposure event in New York City. HTC has differentiated the Desire Eye from the competition in an interesting way, as the undoubted highlight of the smartphone, which sports a water-resistant plastic body and removable battery, is the 13-megapixel front-facing camera with dual-LED flash.

The array, capable of capturing 1080p video and bordered by a dedicated microphone, is intended specifically to capture high-quality “selfies.” It is a first for a smartphone, HTC was eager to note.  (more…)

Plastc Tries to Convince You Why Credit Cards are Still a Good Idea

Apple and Google may be betting on NFC as the future of consolidated payment, but ubiquity  is far from guaranteed; many, many businesses need to upgrade their point-of-sale terminals, which could take years. That is why startups like Coin have looked to capitalize on the nascent wallet-slimming trend with stop gap solutions that have been, more often than not, more trouble than they were worth.

Plastc is the newest kid on the block, and its feature list almost reads like a blow-by-blow response to Coin’s many shortcomings. It contains an e-ink touchscreen which toggles automatically via a brightness sensor  and is capable of displaying your signature, photo ID,  and barcodes; it has a re-writable NFC/RFID chip for use with access systems; it supports chip and pin (EMV) terminals; and it has wireless charging mat. (more…)