Live: Samsung’s CES 2015 Press Event

We’re here at the Samsung’s 2015 CES press conference, eagerly awaiting the potential announcement of new phones, tablets, and televisions. Join us for what’s sure to be an press conference to remember.

We’re having technical difficulties with our liveblogging software, but you can watch the live stream of the conference above.

Update: We may have a live blog up! Although, it may be worthless. Either way, we are giving it a shot! (more…)

Dish’s Sling TV Service Nets You ESPN, CNN, Food Network, and More for $20 a Month

Cord cutters are the bane of incumbent content providers everywhere. Subscribers – especially of the younger and more tech-savvy variety – are leaving traditional cable for alternative content sources like Netflix and Hulu. To stem the bleeding, some companies have experimented with a la carte services of their own. But now a giant in the space is making a play: Dish Network announced Sling TV today, a slimmed-down, digital-only subscription offering for $20 a month that includes ESPN, CNN, Food Network, the Travel Channel, and more. (more…)

Google Announces Cast for Audio, Coming with Speakers from Sony, LG, and HEOS

Chromecast is an invaluable little dongle that’s competent at a great many things, but Hi-Fi audio isn’t one of them – it lacks the proper outputs to connect directly with many speakers and stereos. That, Google says, is where Cast for audio comes in. Announced this morning, it’s like Chromecast for sound sources, letting you beam music and audio from apps on your smartphone or tablet to connected speakers, sound bars, and A/V receivers. (more…)