HTC Decouples Another System App, Adds Sense 6 Lock Screen to Google Play

HTC began separating apps from its firmware a bit ago, but it’s been a few months since we have seen any continuation of that trend. Today, the company gave the Sense 6 lock screen the decoupling treatment, adding an entry for it into Google Play.

It predictably isn’t compatible for any device that isn’t running Sense 6. For those who are, note that it requires a reboot after install.  (more…)

Humble Mobile Bundle 7 Released, Pay More Than $3.70 to Receive 7 Games

It’s that time again, the Humble Bundle, a for-pay collection of apps that help to fund developers and charities, has refreshed its mobile collection.

The first tier features The Tiny Bang Story, Color Zen Premium, and Heroes of Loot. As always, there is no donation minimum; any amount you feel comfortable paying will net the three titles, and benefit their makers and philanthropic organizations in the process.  (more…)

Visa Token, A Credit Card Obfuscation Service, May Come to Android in 2015

At least one feature of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus isn’t nearly as novel as Apple would have you believe. The biggest selling point (pun intended) of Apple Pay, a part of which relies on NFC to handle transactions in brick-and-mortar stores, is ostensibly its security measures.

At its press conference yesterday, Apple touted Pay’s obfuscation, which involves generating payment “tokens” – out-of-sequence strings meaningless to any would-be hacker – by randomizing your credit card numbers. As it turns out, though, Apple isn’t actually handling the conversion; at least one payment processor, Visa, will rely on a proprietary service to generate tokens.  (more…)

Sprint “Strikes Back,” Announces Tweaked Trade-in Program with Options for In-store and Account Credit

Are trade-in deals the next exciting front in the carrier wars? Judging by recent developments, it appears so. In response to T-Mobile’s improved trade-in program, Sprint announced a reworking of its own policies today.

The changes read like counterpoints to each of T-Mobile’s trade-in shortcomings.  Sprint notes it allows customers to trade-in up to three phones per line and five in a calendar year, while T-Mobile restricts subscribers to one trade-in per line.  (more…)

Twitter Experiments with Embedded “Buy Now” Button, Lets You Purchase Stuff Directly from Tweets

Admit it, you have spotted a cool product in a tweet from the endless stream you scroll through every day, and thought to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a ‘Buy’ button?” Well, Twitter’s got your back. In yet another attempt to monetize its growing audience, the social media mogul is experimenting with embedded buttons that let you purchase goods straight from the source. (more…)