Gmail Team Announces Easy Way to Access Google+ Auto Backup Photos

E-mailing photos has never been as easy as it should. The process of transferring pictures from your smartphone to desktop has long been a major pain, but that’s changing for those who use Google+ Auto Backup and Gmail.

The Gmail team announced that, starting today, all photos automatically backed up through Google+ will be accessible via the Insert Photo button in Gmail.  (more…)

First Photos of Amazon 3D Smartphone Emerge, May Launch Alongside Low-End Model

Speculation of an Amazon smartphone is nearly as old as time itself. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it seems nearly every year that rumblings suggesting the online retailer is planning to launch a phone are widely reported but never pan out. This time may be different, however; if information and snapshots obtained by BGR proves accurate, Amazon may finally look to grab a slice of the smartphone market this summer. (more…)

Google Acquires Drone Company Titan Aerospace

The acquisition war between tech giants looks to be heating up. The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has purchased Titan Aerospace, the same drone-making company Facebook was reportedly in the process of buying, for an undisclosed sum.

Titan Aerospace is a company based in New Mexico that specializes in engineering self-powered, high-altitude drones. A Google spokesperson said the employees will remain in New Mexico, but will assist Google’s Project Loon and Makani Power teams.  (more…)