Google Partners With Auto Manufacturers to Expedite Self-driving Car Project

Google’s autonomous car project is moving at a fast clip (no pun intended), but a host of logistical and regulatory barriers stand in the way of commercialization. Still, that is not stopping the search giant from pursuing an aggressive 2020 launch window. To expedite things, Chris Urmson, director of the project, told Reuters that Google had begun discussions with major automakers – General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Daimler, Volkswagen, and others – regarding the technology’s nearest-term implementation. (more…)

Google Debuts Native Classroom App for Android and iOS, Slims the Gap Between Educators and Students

Just in time for the beginning of many students’ second school semester, Google has unveiled a native Classroom app for Android and iOS.

If Classroom sounds a little familiar, that is because the pedagogical service’s launch six months ago sort of slipped under the radar. Essentially, Classroom is a digital organizer that aims to make curriculum management as painless as possible for educators and their pupils. It facilitates the creation and collection of assignments paperlessly, of course, but also lets teachers send announcements, store project materials in dedicated Drive folders, and deliver real-time feedback and grades. (more…)

Deal: Buy Chromecast From Best Buy, Get $20 Worth of Google Play Credit

Chromecast was already a steal at $35 – you would be hard pressed to find a cheaper, more simple device to beam audio and video from your smartphone, tablet, and computer to your TV – but Best Buy’s promotion makes it a no-brainer. Until the end of January, purchasing the dongle from the electronics retailer will net you $20 worth of Google Play credit.  (more…)