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Video: Samsung’s ‘Unbox Your Phone’ Experience for the Galaxy S8

When Samsung says “Unbox Your Phone,” they aren’t joking. On our doorstep this morning was a large package from Samsung, containing a few goodies that you won’t see in your standard retail packaging. Let’s unbox it, shall we?

Inside, Samsung sent along a Galaxy S8, Gear VR with controller, as well as a set of Bluetooth Level headphones. Again, this package is not what you’ll find inside retailers on April 21 or what you’ll see if you pre-ordered the phone, but we wanted to share the experience with you regardless.

Cheers, Samsung.

Now that we have one in-house at last, let’s get to reviewing this thing.

NOTE: Video mentions that the AKG headphones might not be included in the US. There was some confusion there on our part, but we believe they are in fact included. Sorry about that.

  • Chris_K

    Samsung once again proving why it is always a hack company compared to the likes of Apple. They focus on trivial things like unboxing experiences when their entire samsung.com website is in shambles and messing up the preorders. Really frustrated because people who ordered after me are getting their devices and many of us who ordered very early from the website have had absolutely no movement in status. We were all supposed to get our phones and VR by the 20th…

    • trevorsalienarms

      They are a “hack company” because you didn’t get your device on time? Man, you probably don’t even want it now, huh? Probably won’t even open it and return to sender, right?

      • Chris_K

        NO, they are a hack company because

        1. even their CEO wanted his employees to copy apple (let’s ignore that since a lot of companies take “inspiration” from others).
        2. I not only will NOT get my product on time because a. their website is a joke.. their customer service is an even bigger joke..

        3. they sub out their dirty work to cheap companies that are not accountable to anyone.

  • GalaxyUser
  • steadymobb

    Can confirm akg earbuds are in every unit

    • Chris_K

      Some of the reviewers have said the earbuds lack bass and are pretty crappy.

      • steadymobb

        Yeah, I will never use them. Just in the video he mentioned them not coming with US models

  • New_Guy

    Wow, Samsung actually sent you something, and it’s​ awesome =D!

    Seriously, why can’t there be an option to buy a retail unit this way? I’d lay down a few extra bucks for it….

  • sinfoman

    That “Bixby Vision” overlay on the camera app better have the ability to be disabled. That’s gonna get old QUICKLY.

  • NexusMan

    Now that’s great packaging.

  • disastrousrainbow

    Can’t wait to unbox mine tomorrow. The more I’ve seen of this phone, the bigger my excitement has gotten to discover all the nifty stuff in it. I mean, this gif alone has me all hot and bothered over the software touches Samsung has made with this latest iteration of TouchWiz…something I never thought I would ever say about TW in general:https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/81be7f4e09151af23c91543f464b945d5dde6548bf01b81e2bc12e1e51521fb3.gif

    • DanSan

      is that their messaging app or what?

      • New_Guy

        Seriously though….that looks amazing

    • ChargedUp


    • SVTCobra

      I don’t get how people deal with heads-up notifications. They just get in the way for too long and too often.

  • MKader17

    Interesting how unboxing started as a way for people to see exactly what were going to get/experience when they got their phone and has now turned into another marketing campaign for Samsung.

  • Michael Bassett

    As someone who loves unboxing new gadgets and this gets me really jealous. I have to have mine opened and handled by the phone guy here at work, but I guess no monthly bill is great.

  • Dustin Casper

    Hopefully I can unlock the bootloader and root this phone. Viper4Android is a necessity for me.

  • Rod

    However, when it comes to input lag, they actually are.


    • Ted Ockels

      Is this a Bixby thing or a Samsung Experience thing? I would imagine its just janky Bixby.

      • Rod

        Considering the phone froze during Mr Mobile’s review, I’d say it’s a TouchWiz thing, as usual.


        • thereasoner

          I’ve never experienced lag like that before and I’ve owned an S3 and S6 before. Something is not right with that

          • Blacklight: Retribution

            my Galaxy S4 lags like crazy everywhere. my Galaxy S6 lags while typing.

        • trevorsalienarms

          So don’t buy one.

          • Rod

            I don’t buy skinned phones.

          • trevorsalienarms

            Man, you’re cool.

          • Rod

            Wait til you meet me at parties.

      • thereasoner

        That’s a good point. The reviews I’ve seen show zero lag so I suppose it could be the not ready for primetime Bixby. Could also have been a demo unit with incomplete software, I didn’t see it.

    • disastrousrainbow

      I didn’t run into this at all on the units at BB or Verizon. Fluke maybe?

      • Rod

        TouchWiz, maybe?

      • thereasoner

        Most likely a bad unit or BS review. All the reviews I’ve seen so far reported no lag.

        • If you look at the top he just refreshed it and it’s saying “updating.” I’m guessing the lag came from it refreshing the feed. Although the other part of that I’m not sure. Yikes.

    • thereasoner

      He must of got a bad one. The reviews I’ve seen so far are reporting excellent performance and zero lag.

      “Whether I was playing less resource intensive games like Desert Golfing or more high-end titles like This War of Mine, Broken Age or Micro Machines, I didn’t run into a single moment of lag while using the S8+.”

      “The same can be said about watching 4K videos, rapidly switching between various open apps, multitasking, and even utilizing some of the phone’s edge-related features borrowed from the Note 7, like ‘Smart Select’ or creating GIFs though the video grabbing ‘Animation’ feature (these sometimes lagged with the Note 7).”

      • Rod

        I see.

        I’ll wait for user input in the following weeks.

        But every year, people claim that TouchWiz is perfect now, and some months later, it’s garbage.

        • thereasoner

          TouchWiz will never be perfect and while I currently don’t run a Samsung, from what I understand it’s much improved over the versions my old S3 and S6 had.

          • Rod

            Still subpar compared to the competitors. And that’s a bad thing for a U$720+ device.

          • thereasoner

            Samsung is already above par at many things, better that they’re not best at everything, the competition is having a hard enough time with them as is.

          • Rod

            They’re lucky the competition is even dumber.

    • Spazmon1c

      I get any of that on mine….back it goes. That is unacceptable. It’s 2017, not 2007.

  • I guess you’re back on the SAMSUNG “good” list. No more coal from SAMSUNG Claus.

  • seattle tech

    Lol nice you guys got the phone from samsung 2 days early. About gearVR I see no one talking about it. They sw updated it making it up to 300% faster and the resolution made a huge bump to “720p” like. Huge difference

  • Lucky Armpit

    Congrats DL! Now review that thing and let’s see what there is to see.

    Now that that’s out of the way, I can selfishly whine that I still don’t have my shipping notification from Samsung yet. Supposed to be here Thursday and I thought I’d at least have a shipping label generated by now.

    • Our T-Mo orders are actually moving along and I’d imagine they may be here tomorrow, unless they get an extra hold or something.

      • Paul Hansen

        Yours are actually scanned? I have 2 sitting idle and a local friend of mine’s hasn’t budged either… Ordered first 5 minutes after going live… Le sigh.

        • Yep! Both have departed Kentucky!

          • Paul Hansen

            Sigh. Still nadda

          • Lucky Armpit

            Same here, nothing from Samsung yet. No tracking number, nor email stating it’s shipped.

          • Blacklight: Retribution

            I got the tracking number to my Galaxy S8 Plus. I ordered it last saturday at T-Mobile.

          • Robert Lamb

            I received my shipping notification from Samsung yesterday afternoon for my S8+. It has left Indianapolis and is scheduled for delivery on Thursday.

          • Lucky Armpit

            Congrats! Crap, wonder why I haven’t received mine yet? I’d like to contact them and ask but I’m sure they’re flooded with calls and don’t think I’ll get through.

          • Chris Kidwell

            Same here, ordered direct from Samsung and it’s supposed to be delivered tomorrow, I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten an e-mail even stating it has shipped.

      • New_Guy

        UPS is showing my TMo order out on delivery and arriving by EOD (8pm) today.

        Pulsating with excitement right now =D….

  • Rashad

    Samsung should sell an all included version like what you guys received. That big box with everything in it for around $1200-$1300. I think that would be worth it. Of course the phone would have to be unlocked and work on all carriers.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Dude you can get all of that for $99 more if you pre-order…. Minus the box.

      • Rashad

        Those headphones shown in the video are $250.

    • ROB

      DO NOT BUY the unlocked version…Samsung has abandoned the unlocked S7…still on 6.0.1..

  • M3D1T8R

    Funny this showed up right after Kellen was taking about not getting anything from Samsung.

    • K.P. Smith

      Came here to say the same. On this week’s podcast Kellen complained about Samsung, now this.

      • We certainly appreciate them sending this out a few days early.

        • tu3218

          Can’t wait for your review!

  • Jim Morrison

    +1 for black cable & adapter!

    • Seriously, be gone old white adapters!

    • DanSan

      This makes me so happy. those white cables were a mess.

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    • mcdonsco

      Watch the retail versions still have white ones 🙂

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        They won’t.

      • Jim Morrison

        Man, you best shut yo mouth! 🙂

        • Brendafsmith

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      • sage

        I have my retail version and it has all black accessories.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      About Damn time.

  • ChargedUp

    Thought you guys were blacklisted.

    • No, no. We were cut off from early, embargoed review units, which is clearly still the case. But hey, we’ll take anything at this point.

      Also, cut off isn’t the same as a blacklist. Samsung has never stopped talking to us or inviting us to their events. We’re just on some lower tier than some of our peers it seems, and have been for a handful of years.

      • ChargedUp

        Lol, gotcha. Sweet package for sure. Better than having to buy on your own for a review.

        • Well we had no idea this would come, so we have our own purchased devices on the way that may be here tomorrow. 😛

          • DanSan

            I put in a good word for you.

          • Thank you, thank you.

          • Ajmobileguru

            Well now you can give those away to us Droid life readers! 😛

  • JeffE

    The AKG earbuds aren’t coming with the phone in the US? This is the first time I’ve heard that. Can anyone provide more info or a link to where this was said?

    • nivek31

      I am wondering the same thing. I guess I’ll find out in the next couple days. Will be disappointed if they do not come packaged with the phone.

    • Little confusion there. Sorry about that. As far as I know – and Tim and I just talked about it – the AKG buds are included in the US. You should expect them.

      • JeffE

        Sweet. Thanks for the reply.

      • nivek31

        Oh so happy now. Thanks for the update.

      • New_Guy

        Yes, it’s the AKG over-ear BT headphones and 256GB Micro SD card that are an extra $99 (at least if you buy from T-Mobile).

    • ziPRR

      I received a pair of AKG headphones with the S8 Samsung sent me, and I’m in the US.

  • Brandon

    Seems they must have decided to stop hating on Droid Life eh?

    • Hey, we appreciate the love, that’s for sure. Is it a week late? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • usrnamemike
    • Under the bridge downtown

      Is that Mike Tomlin?

    • Shott3r

      Every site/reviewer that doesn’t buy gadgets in the consumer channel and/or gets early review units is compromised to an extent. You just have to factor that in along with your own hands-on experience when buying a device.